Koh Chang…Where have you been all my life?!

Have now arrived in Koh Chang…. Paradise!! Its been a long journey to get here but more than worth it.

Saying goodbye to my mum and dad, Andy and Hannah at the airport was very hard and I think I may have worried a few people going through security as I put my bag through the scanner with tears streaming down my face. Flight to London was very quick and before I knew it I was on an airport bus to terminal 4.

Once there I met up with my “virtual friends” Hayley, Cat, Karen, Dayna and Joe. Was very stange in the fact that despite being the first time we had all met we all knew each other so well. (and who said Facebook was a bad thing?!)

Flight to Mumbai did NOT start well. About 30minutes in of the 9.5 hours I came over all dizy and hot and had to run to the loo to be sick, luckily I had nothing to be sick with so just had to get over the travel sickness!! Flight passed quite quickly after that. Meals were AMAZING! We got a menu and everything! Class!

Stopped off in Mumbai, and had a panic by the fact that I was the only one who’s luggage got taken off the plane! The next flight was VERY slow… probably because we were all split up and I had to it next to a weird creep! Haha After the flight we went through customs to get our bags… but Hayleys was missing! Had somehow ended up on a flight to Amsterdam and has only just arrived today (Sunday!) we got picked up at the airport by Rungwit (a representative of ETA) another hours jouney (by limo this time…. or should I say a Thai taxi!) arrived at the hostel and it was amazing! Such a nice hostel! Rungwit took us our for dinner which we got off a street vendor, noodles with chicken a very small prawns (I never knew it had prawns in it and was actually lovely!!)

Next day we got up and went to MBK….biggest shopping mall in Bangkok< was like the Savoy Centre in Glasgow mixed with Buchanan Gallaries… ie loads of instores and then big ones. Got pictures done (need them for teaching portfolio) and got photo shopped into a shirt! Haha Also got my blackberry up and running, unlimited blackberry messenger, facebook and emails… for 400bhat a month (£7ish… I paid about 40 back home!!!) got home and sunbathed up the top of the hostel. At night we all went out for dinner then went up to the roof of the hostel with some beers and the guy on the guitars was wicked! There is a great group of people… think about 16 on the course along with their trainers so its a nice bunch!

Next day we set off for Koh Chang, the second biggest island. Rungwit has booked us into a resort but its pretty much just all of our group with hardly any tourists so its pretty quiet (appart from the wildlife!!!) spent the night in the pool/sea in the middle of a thunder storm until about midnight.

Today have spent most of the day in the sea and just chilling as its our last free day before teacher training begins so real work starts tomorrow!!!!


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