Life Of A Teacher…..

I have survived a complete whole week in the life of a ESL teacher living in Phrae, Thailand.  And let me tell you what a week it has been!!!!!!!

Having gotten through my first day I have to admit that I settled into the job rather quickly! By Friday the nerves were gone and the teacher in me was out! Lesson plans were done and the only thing left was the teaching….

Ok so there were quite a few hiccups along the way…. spilling ink all over my white shirt, not remembering anyone of the Thai teachers names…. (I remember one so far its Thepatong and only because she scares me!!) Breaking that said teachers precious microphone that looks as though it should be a kids toy from the 80s and broke it into tiny pieces…. oops

Other than that i think you could say it has been fairly successful!

Night time has been rather quiet as after finishing up work back home at the end of March… to go into a 40 hour week again has been a bit of a shock to the system… come home and I am exhausted!!!!!! However I have made a new friend in the form of Gary The Gekko…. comes into my bathroom at night and he is HUUUUUGE and makes some noise!! Good thing I have ear plugs with me!

Today I had gate duty… start 7am, and meet and greet the students as they arrive at school, was quite nice although once all 1500 students had arrived I had to think how many times I had said “Hello, good morning, how are you?”

Loving The Scotland Flag

Classes are going very well…mostly.. have some complete terrors but I guess that would be the same back home. Only difference is that here if the Thai teacher catches them messing about they get a good slap across the back of the head sometimes!!!! Pretty sure that’s why they behave so well when the Thai teacher is around…..

Getting out of my (not so) little province at the weekend to head down to Phitsanulok. Although Phrae is lovely cannot wait to get out and explore and meet with friends again! 😀


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