The week ahead….

The next week looks set to be one of the most memorable so far for myself and for my school, quite exciting!

Showing off for the camera

Our school will be joining with a school in Malaysia, starting a partnership to share information and resources taking to a “world-class” level. The school is clearly extremely excited about this as its a HUGE deal and have been preparing for months. Last few weeks have seen renovations in the school, daily morning drum practice and Thai dancing practice as well as students and teachers brush up on their English so they can make speeches during the event. (Most of the speech’s have been adjusted by the foreign teachers (just for the record I am the foreigner here!))

Welcome Line

Today has been hectic!! Came in this morning only to be told that I had to go straight to rehearsals and that my first 3 classes would be cancelled to allow me time to do so…. great news considering I only have four classes on a Thursday!!



 From what I have seen so far they wont half put on a good show as the dancing, singing and group performances were brilliant!!

Group Singing and Dancing

practicing flag display



On Sunday there is a big ceremony followed by dinner, and we have not been excluded… Forgein teachers will be taking to the stage to sing Michael Jackson “Heal The World” and John Lennon “Imagine” dressed in traditional Thai dress. As much as I am not looking forward to singing I have to admit that I am looking forward to getting some off the fancy dresses that they wear on big occasions!


5 thoughts on “The week ahead….

  1. no worries joyce glad you liked it!
    Gran- lovely to hear from you! Hope you are well… hope I didnt scare you with the tiger pictures, you will be glad to know all my fingers and toes are still here! 😀

    Its been a very exhausting week… mainly because Ive been working 8 straight days and still have today and another 4 to go before I get a day off!! will update my blog with new pictures and videos from the ceremony this week!! xxx

  2. Used a bit of FB stalking to find this. Your dad told Scott about it when they were out the other night. It’s great, well done and we loved the pic of the tiger – amazing. Have lots of fun and we look forward to hearing more stories from your mum and dad. x

  3. Hi Jennifer,

    Glad to see you are doing so well and looking well. I don’t fancy your tiger as a friend. Phrae looks lovely and makes me jealous.
    hope you are enjoying yourself, please send some of your heat over here !

    love you lots

    Gran xx

  4. Sounds as though it shall be a really good week. I take it you are not dressed up as MJ. lol. It shall be nice to see you in Thi traditional dress. What colour is your dress and did you have to pay for it? Look forward to the pics. Mum XX

    • yes well all celebrations are over and I am shattered!!!!! some of the outfits were lovely, especially the malasian children! will get pics posted soon and hopefully some videos as well! 😀 No didnt have to dress up as MJ just in the school polo shirts… the most unflattering pink polos! ended up not having to wear Thai dress as they decided they wanted the english teachers to look English so they could parade the farang’s about! ha! xx

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