Wat Methunkarawas School…. Its World Class!

So after a crazy few days things at Wat Methunkarawas School seem back to normal!!

The Farang's (Me, Sam and Johan) along with some Thai teachers and Kindergarden Kids

Madness kicked off on Thursday when we were told “Classes in the morning are cancelled so we can practice Michael Jackson” Ehhhh WHAT?! One thing Thailand is good at is the last minute notice of everything…. although 3 days practice of a song I had never heard was actally petty organised for Thailand!


Mai Pen Rai and all that! We were told that on Sunday there was a big ceremony to celebrate our school joining a culture exchange with a Malaysian school taking it to a “World Class” School… something they are SOOO

Some of the Thai teachers with Sam and I

Proud of (quite rightly!) so morning was taken up desperatly trying to learn the words to Michael Jackson- Heal the world (Crazy song when you think how many words are in it and how fast some of the words are said!!) and John Lennon- Imagine (which I knew thankfully) classes went back to normal in the afternoon until we were told “Practice tomorrow morning…. classes cancelled!!” so again on Friday the morning was spent singing and learning words.

Due to the magnitue of the award, all teachers had things to do so Sam and I agreed to take the Saturday classes. (The 6 years are split into 7 classes each, 1 being the best, 7 being the ‘worst’ However parents can pay to have their children in the top classes which also mean an extra day at school on a Saturday!) It was all quite nice on Saturday…. children high as kites and not in school uniform, monks everywhere to help (Wat Methungkarawas was founded by a monk and his gold statue is still the focal point as you come into the school which teachers and students Wai to) I couldnt help but feel bad for the children…. school in Thailand is harsh!!

Saturday class with Primary 1's

Start the morning at 8.45 and have 7 periods of intensive schooling, then top sets get a two hour period of English on a saturday along with their Thai subjects!! so I though some fun was to be had (all whilst learning obvs!!) first up I brought in some music… which im not percieved as the coolest teacher ever haha as a warmer (something you do at the start of a class to get them involved and focused) I thought Musical chairs… they LOVED it.. Even got this gem of them singing justin Beiber! http://www.facebook.com/#!/video/video.php?v=10150633846945251&comments

Sunday came and WOW! everyone was in their Thai best and there were dancers and singers and performances like you couldnt believe! The Malaysians also put on a show and their costumes were amazing!!

Malaysain Dancers- WOW!!!

The night kept going and the amount of food brought out was ridiculous!!!! And some of it….well…. different…. fermented eggs I just could eat! Also the ‘Queens Fruit’ ie Durien with rice…. Durien is hard to explain best think i can think for you to do it google it. The stench from it is disgusting and if you eat too much it can bring on a heart attack… we were warned on the culture course NEVER to mix with alcohol as the effects can be so bad! Luckily I cant get pat the smell to try… its delicious… apparently but spells like sick that has been out in sun with some rotten fruit! NOT NICE!!

Malaysian dancers with an impressive routine!!!

It was a loooooooong night as after the performances there was alot of chat…. pretty much all of which we didnt understand. At 9 we got summoned to the stage and, yup you guessed it… was our turn to perform. Looking back at the video which i hope to share with you soon…. it is the most out of tune song ive ever heard!!!!!

Children and Farangs singing Heal The World!

First up heal the world by michael jackson…. second John Lennon Imagine…. crazy songs like I said due to the amount of words and how quick they were said!!! However the audience LOVED it and we got a huge round of applause…. without anything else… show was over!

Welcome line for the Malaysians

Monday was another big ceremony the singing of the contract… unfortunatly getting in at 10pm and then getting up at 6am took its toll and I was asleep for most of it (Was all Thai speakers so hard to follow) however I was kindly woken by confetti bombs… which FYI scare the life out of you if you are dozing!!!!!!!!!!!

So thats all the celebrations done and Wat Methangkarawas School… World Class Standard!!!! Classes back to normal…. well almost!!!

Singing school anthem in Northern Thai dress

This week we had to practive the kids for an assessment for (something i dont know what) but what that does mean is myself and the other farang’s have to stand up on stange and sing Hokey Pokey and Birdy Dance….. EVERY MORNING infront of 1550 students and get them to follow….I cant even describe… is something you would have to see for youself!! Video comming soon!!!!!! HA!

Thai/Malaysian merger!


3 thoughts on “Wat Methunkarawas School…. Its World Class!

  1. It is truly a nice and useful piece of information.
    I am happy that you just shared this useful info with us.

    Please stay us informed like this. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Depends what year you are in if you are top set say 1/1 or 1/2 then your at school 6 days a week… if your lower set ie 1/3,1/4,1/5,1/6 or 1,7 then you are 5 days a week 7.45-4pm!

  3. Sounds like a tough week.
    Kids really do have a lot to do and very long school days by the sound of things. What is a normal school week………..5 days, 6 days or what ?

    All the costumes looked very colourful. Looking forward to seeing some of the video’s.

    Speak soon, xx

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