Two months in….

Cant quite believe it… but I have been living and working in Thailand for two whole months now… and in those two months its hard to think everything I have done and everything that I have experienced.

Seems surreal that it was two months ago I gave a very teary farewell to my family at the airport and got on a flight with people I had never met yet knew so much about and come to the “land of smiles” where I now feel at home. I have had wee bits of home-sickness and miss my family and friends like crazy but this is not an experience I would ever regret.

Makes me laugh at some of the things I have done since coming here….

*Taken a canoe out to a deserted island

*Watched the sunset  in the middle of the ocean

*Seen lightning strike not so far from where I was sitting

*Rode an elephant through a jungle

*Visited the GoGo bars of Bangkok and witnessed the horrible shows

*Swam with two elephants

*Walked an enormous tiger on just a dog lead

*Realised that it’s not just England that say Scottish notes are not legal tender!

*Kissed a tiger cub

*Seen some of the most beautiful buildings/temples I have ever seen

*Eaten (or should I say attempted to eat) Durien (Fruit)

*Learned to haggle!

*Bought some trousers and a hat while floating down a river

*Driven a motorbike

*Ate things I usually refuse to at home…. peppers, tomatoes, raisins etc

*Visited waterfalls away in the jungle

*Been out in the sun and thought “I would LOVE some rain right now!”

*Taught a drunk Thai man to shout “YALDI!!!”

*Stand up in front of 1550 students and do the birdy dance

*Teach some of the most adorable kids ever!

*Get a song dedicated to them in a club from the house band  just because we are farang (“Nothing on You”)

*Met some friends despite not being able to communicate in English

And that’s only two months in……..

You only get one shot at being young and as far as life experience goes…. you cant get much better!


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