When the rain came it brought the floods…..

Torrential rain for 4 days

Now when I signed up for Thailand, I knew I was coming in the wet season. However the last week had me gob smacked at just how wet it can get….FYI its VERY wet!!!!

Friday night and the rain started… This was normal as it rains quite often but usually only for an hour or so then dries up and is mega hot. However this rain continued right into Saturday. Unlike the rain before it didn’t stop (not even for 10 min!!!) The whole of Saturday was spent inside-not much u can do!!
Sunday and the rain continued… Again with no let up. Apparently this was the tail end of a tropical storm. On the bright side I took a small trip to the music store and bought my very own and first guitar (I can play flower of Scotland already-priorities and all that!)

Making light of the situation..... I think

With the weekend pretty much a write off… Monday morning came and still the rain continued…. Surely it had to stop soon!?
The river that runs through the town had risen considerably and with reports of flood risks on the news it wasn’t great.



Tuesday morning… The sun was in the air!!!! No rain to be seen yet we were told in school that by 12 in the afternoon there is a severe flood risk as neighbouring province Nan needs to open its dam which could cause Phrae to flood.
at around 4pm there was a tremendous rain shower but still no signs of the flood.

After school I was told to go to the bridge and look before it was closed off… This

What it usually looks like

is what it usually looks like…….








This is what I found…….

River flooding the bridge

I couldn’t believe how high the water had come!!!! It was crazy… And this wasn’t slow moving water either… If you fell into this the current would easily pull you

families unable to get to their homes

along. Even the Thai people had come out to see the water which by now had come over the bridge and flooded the road, the usual 1.6m river now stood at 8.5m!.. Was like something u seen on TV about floods that u never expect to see yourself. With more warnings of flash floods on the TV and risk of landslides. I went to bed unsure of what would awake me in the morning.

When I woke up there was no water and couldn’t quite believe it-thought we had got through without much damage, but was wrong. In school one of the teachers houses had been flooded, several of the kids were off (in one class I had 9 off!)

Riding through the shallow water

And the weather station had the front missing due to a landslide!
After school I took a 5 min bike ride along to the other main bridge and into the villages and it was clear not everyone had got away scot-free, one family were even going back and forth on a boat rescuing what they could from their house (I felt inappropriate to take a pic)

I stopped off at the weather station to check the height of thee river, 9.27m

debris mounting up

almost 1m higher than the day before. Met a lovely man from Chang Mai who now works at the weather station here and told me that during the night the river rose to 10.5m and had started to flood the lower end of the city which u could still see. Luckily he said the river was now receding and the water from Nan had passed through so now was just a waiting game before the clean up begins!

Work goes on to feed the cows


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