My “Thai Tattoo”

I think I have made a new “Jennie record” everyone knows just how ridiculously accident prone I am especially when away from home. Who could forget the best ones….

*Falling in the sea onto rocks in Greece on our first day resulting in a lovely scar on my elbow

Just incase you forgot… I’m actually proud of this one!!

*Falling off a bar in Greece (different holiday!) giving me the best bruise on my leg not to mention tile imprints running up my side

*Catching Swine Flu, again in Greece (maybe I shouldnt go back there?!)

*Getting hit by a car in Russia while on my bike giving me the best pic of a broken finger I have ever seen.

I think it was safe to say that everyone expected me to get injured at some point and I was soooo hoping I would prove every one wrong and change my clumsy ways… or maybe not!!!

Morning after!

Last weekend we were out and I was very tired after a busy day, leaving everyone early I decided it was bed time! Just as I got back to the hotel I realised I had no juice or water for the morning, so took the bike to 7/11 and got some water and strawberry milk (im not a kid i just LOVE it) on the way back to the hotel I turned into our alley way and noticed 4 dogs up ahead. Thailand is terrible for stay dogs and they tend not to like bikes but usually leave you alone.

I carried on and slowed the bike right down to as slow as I could go (around 5km/hr) The 4 dogs looked up and one barked but no chase…. pheeeeew!!

As I turned the corner i suddenly saw out of the corner of my eye two more dogs, one barking and the other running straight for my left leg!! I tried to swerve out of reach of the dog however maybe swerved a bit too much and ended up scraping right along one of the walls. OUCH!

Morning After- arm

Problem with going slow is it’s actually harder to keep balance on the bike…. ok so found this out a little too late!!! Luckily I never came right off the bike (looking at my bruises now I would hate to see what I would look like!!!!!!)I stepped off and realised I had given myself some nasty looking cuts and my foot had pretty much been scraped right along the ground.

Without even getting a chance to look at myself I heard a horrible “Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr” sound and looked up to see this dog in the middle of the alley just growling at me!!! I have never been scared of dogs as I grew up with them all my life…. but can honestly say this one TERRIFIED me!!!

I stood as still as I could and tried to look as non threatening as I could… after a few minutes the dog finally left and I was left to limp home and tend to my wounds!I should maybe have gone to hospital and had it looked at however I cleaned myself up and went to bed, even went out the next day to the caves!!!

3 days after and swelling!

On Tuesday after school however I noticed just how swollen my foot had become so took myself to hospital, the doctor took one look and said it looked fractured!!! EEEEK!!! Que 8 x-rays (yes 8!!!) every time I got wheeled out I was wheeled back in for another one as they couldn’t find a fracture…. Reason being there was none!!
One of the wounds had a small infection and I have a bad ‘joint sprain’ which explains the swelling!!

As I found out last night they call it the “Thai Tattoo” as its so common here to have scars and scrapes from the bike!


So another country another injury!!! Luckily it’s not bad…. and lesson learned… Stay away from dogs at night when on the bike!!!!
My helmet was on so not to worry… this pretty face was unharmed!!! 😀


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