Thai Language Day!

Came into school this morning to find out its Thai Language Day!

Too cute!

Most countries have them to celebrate the national language, and Thailand is no different!! Again, classes were cancelled and a show was put on! Some of it was hilarious. I might not have been able to understand all of it but when a seemingly boring story about villagers suddenly had a gorilla in women’s clothing chasing them into nets, makes you wonder….. What is going on!?!?!

Girls in 3/2 ready for the stage

Some of the costumes and dances were fantastic and it was a good laugh! I even got to sit at the side of the stage in a massive leather seat watching a kid perform magic tricks!! Was so much fun and the kids really seemed to enjoy themselves which was nice!

Actually so funny!!!

It was a nice wee break for a Friday morning, and the one class I had only had half the students so we spent the time telling the story of my injuries and how to speak and write in Thai… was like my own little Thai lesson!!! (Chu Lek Thailand! I love Thailand!) They spent most of my lesson teaching me!! Although I did get to learn to write my name and how to say and write ‘I love’…. you know…. the essentials!!

'Teacher Jennie' written by..... Teacher Jennie!!


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