Chang Rai, White temple, Superheros, Laos and Tiger bits

Time is going too quick for my liking here…. already Mid August, and tomorrow will mark the last month teaching in Phrae- Quite sad really!

Me at the Hot Spring- Chang Rai

Gives me just over four weeks to fit in everything I want to do before I start a new adventure. On Friday we were off school as it was the Queen’s birthday which is also the Thai’s mothers day, so was time for a wee trip out of the city.

Woman selling eggs to cook in the hot springs

On the Friday afternoon I took a bus to Chang Mai just under 200km west of Phrae, seems slightly backwards if you consult a map of Thailand and see I was heading to Chang Rai… just under 200km NORTH of Phrae. However I found a tour which incorporated everything I wanted to do in Chang Rai…. in the space of a day!! It made for a ridiculously busy day but I got to see and do much more than I bargained for!

The tour picked me up in Chang Mai at 7am (So early!!) and I was joined by a Dutch family, a Spanish couple and a French  family – 10 of us in total along with 2 of the Thai tour guides.

Cooking eggs IN the hot springs

We drove for an hour and a half and arrived at our first stop… Chang Rai’s hot spring! If im 100% honest was a slight anti-climax. We had been billed for a ‘glorious natural wonder’ and when we got there we found a few tiny pools of water, a fountain and a water garden in the middle of a car park surrounded by shops selling all sorts of Tat.
Now don’t get me wrong the water was very hot (around 80-90 degrees) and it was quite interesting to watch the locals cook eggs in the water for the tourists as well as bamboo. I don’t know what I was expecting but this wasn’t it.

We got back in the van and drove another hour to Wat Rong Khun. Thailand’s famous ‘White Temple’. Now THIS was impressive!!

Me at Wat Rong Khun... ie the White Temple

The Story behind the temple is as follows. A boy from Rong Khun went to university in Bangkok studying architecture. He travelled to London and build a

With the architect of the White Temple.... well his cardboard cut out!!

Buddhist temple before coming back to Thailand. He made his money though his paintings and began to notice that everyone painted the same thing. He made a fortune selling his paintings and decided that he wanted to make something completely different in his home town Rong Khun, he found a ruined temple and decided to restore it using the money he made from his paintings.

Anywhere you go in Thailand you are always surrounded by temples and it is easy to stop noticing them after a while. There are so many for a few reason.
1- they were old schools usually attended by men.
2- They were hospitals.
3- They were used to store herbs and spices
4- Used as a meeting point for villagers
5- For the King of the area to show his power.

Guardians of the moat surrounding the temple

However the White temple is unlike any other I have seen, for starters its white (if you couldn’t guess by the name!) its unfinished and still getting worked on, the inside is paintings of recent events (I will come to that) and its got a clear heaven and hell. It is stunningly beautiful.

One of the creatures of hell

The temple is surrounded by a ‘moat’ which is filled with ‘mythical fish and serpents’  you then enter ‘hell’ looking you can see the guardians of heaven and below coming out of the ground are hands that are in hell. It really is a sight to see. You cross over hell and all its creatures and enter ‘heaven’ this is over the bridge. Really is something!

Walking over 'hell' with the hands coming from the ground

Unfortunately they next bit you are not allowed to take pictures so you will have to use your imagination. You walk into the room and in front of you is a monk meditating (the most lifelike waxwork I have ever seen!) On the four walls of the room only one is painted, one currently being painted and the other two bare…. This is the part of the temple that is incomplete.

Guardian of Heaven

The wall that IS complete is quite hard to explain. Its a reflection on the world with hundreds of different scenes. All around are effects of global warming and pollution, with superheros scattered everywhere. The likes of superman, spiderman, Doreman (lol) Ben 10, Tomb raider, Michael Jackson, Star wars… you name it they are there! These are to show that whilst we might like the thought of these, in real life there are no superheros… just us.

"Heaven" at Wat Rong Khun and the building that holds the paintings

You then move over to the twin towers and the plane that crashed into it, falling from the sky is rain…. but actually its thousands of missiles and bombs- signifying the wars going on in the world. If you look above the scene you can see eyes looking down on you…. but if you look close there is a person in each eye…. one eye had George Bush and the other Osama Bin Laden to represent the war or terror. Above them again is a skull representing death and the death of the situation, then look at the top and you see the Buddha image restoring peace. Like I said… very hard to explain but really is a piece of work!!

After the delights of the Wat Rong Khun temple we got back on the bus and headed to the Golden Triangle.

Sailing down the Mekong River on the golden triangle

This was something that I wanted to see however I got more than I bargained for!!

We arrived and it was blistering hot!! We got a bit of history on the way there about why it was called the golden triangle and the purpose it used to serve…. that and how to make opium (something I wont share!)

The long tailed boat I was on

There are 12 of these “triangle’s” in the world, where 3 countries meet at one point. However Thailand’s triangle has a bad reputation for selling drugs, mostly opium and heroin. As there were the 3 countries there was not a single currency so the drugs were traded for gold… hence the name “Golden Triangle”

"Laos-Vegas" the BIG casino on the Laos side

We took a long boat out into the water and watched the Golden Buddha of Thailand shrink into the distance. To our left was Burma (or Myanmar), to our right was Laos and behind us Thailand. We passed no mans land which was now really just over grown grass but which was once a hub of activity. We passed Win&Win Casino on the Burmese side then “Laos-Vegas” on the other side, as gambling is illegal in Thailand, Thai’s can cross the river and go to one of these casinos!

Welcome to Laos

The boat finally pulled in…. and I was no longer in Thailand but in Laos!!!  This small part of Laos didn’t require a proper visa just 20bhat (10p) and a tiny slip of paper to say you were allowed in the county. The place was full of kids asking for money and loads of little markets…. all duty free!

Cobra whiskey This was 'marinating' the whiskey!!!!

The tour guide took us (well the adults) into a tiny hut and said  we could sample the local delicacy…. Whiskey… and wow…
First one he got the shot glasses and before pouring whiskey in each he got tongs and pulled out a HUGE cobra which was ‘marinating’ the whiskey. If you drink this it is meant to give you strength and good health. Was quite disgusting but the whiskey was not bad!!

Different types of Whiskey

Next they pulled out an armadillo whiskey, gecko whiskey and then a turtle whiskey!! I never had any of these but their were full animals in the big glass case holding the whiskey.

Tiger Penis whiskey - To think I drank the whiskey that was in!! :/

And then the one that had me in fits of laughter….. Tiger Penis Whiskey…. and Yup you guessed it…. marinating the whiskey was a (huge) Tiger Penis!!!! I had to try some as not many people can say they have ever experienced something like that…. and surprisingly was quite nice… even more surprising was that I was the only one willing to try it!!!

The lovely gift I bought! Mwahaha

Deciding I couldn’t go back to Thailand without something I bought a small bottle of the cobra whiskey as a pressi but have had to wrap it up as it’s quite creepy to look at!!

They went through a few others but after 3 shots of Whiskey I decided enough was enough… the boat was rocky enough without adding whiskey into the equation!!
After around 30 minutes on the island, drinking, shopping and doing something else I can’t say for now or else I will ruin the surprise, we got back on the boat and headed to Thailand. We stopped off for a beautiful lunch and then headed to the next stop… Mae Sae!

Myanmar (formerly Burma) border

This is the official border between Myanmar and Thailand and is the most Northern part of Thailand. I couldn’t cross this border due to my visa and work permit but we went around the markets for half an hour then it was back in the van and onto our last stop!

Most Northern part of Thailand

The Karen Long Neck Ladies was something I really wanted to see however as with the hot springs it was slightly disappointing. Instead of seeing the ladies in their tribe they were all manning stalls of scarfs they had either made or bought at the market… Another victim of tourism I suspect. However their story is interesting.

Girl of 12 in the long neck tribe working on her scarfs

Youngest member of the tribe aged 6!

The women wear the rings (which is actually a big coil) to protect their necks from the mythical tiger which bit the women on the neck killing them. No women= no babies= no tribe! They start to get their rings from aged 5 and get them changed every few years adding on one or two each time. Although to change them they have to unwrap the coil and replace it with a new one. The coils are very heavy and instead of making the neck longer it actually pushes the shoulders down giving the illusion of a longer neck.

Me and the 'most beautiful' long necked lady

We met the “Most beautiful woman” in the village who wore 25 rings, she was so petite and skinny and her neck looked ridiculously long.

We were told that the women never take these rings off except for at certain times in their life.

1)Pregnancy (but only in the last 2 weeks before birth)
2)To get them changed
3)To punish them – rings get taken off of them until they die making them an outcast within the community and “ugly”

Me and the twins from the tribe

It was an interesting history behind them and it was interesting to see however it’s not something that I would heavily recommend as to do on its own is rather pricey!

After we visited the tribe I was dropped off in Chang Rai while the rest of the tour went back to Chang Mai. The next day I toured Chang Rai on my own for a bit…. even went to get myself my first haircut since coming here!! Was a very interesting but tiring day and by the time Sunday came I was quite glad to be back in Phrae!

So with the months countdown now in place…. thoughts are starting to turn to next semester…. who knows where I will end up… one thing is for sure, I have defiantly made the most of my time in Phrae

266km to China...... hmmmm.....


8 thoughts on “Chang Rai, White temple, Superheros, Laos and Tiger bits

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  4. Great post. The White Temple was stunning. Such an interesting trip, not sure about the whisky right enough !
    Very jealous of your adventures, you are certainly seeing plenty of the Thai culture.
    The ladies with the long necks looked so uncomfortable. Can’t believe they carry on with this tradition in this day and age.
    Keep posting, love reading about your tales

    Lots of love

    Mum & Dad xxx

    • Yes was a fantastic trip!! Very glad I did it as I wasn’t going to go as I had no one to go with!
      Yes well it would be crazy not too see and experience as much of Thailand as I can while I am here!!!
      Yes they look very uncomfortable but as they never take them off and have them on from when they are 5 years old they apparently get used to them!!! They have them on right until they die so don’t even get to rest in their old age!! :O xxx

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