Fortune tellers and ladyboys

With only a couple of weekends left now until I say goodbye to the North of Thailand, the weekends have become precious and are all about trying to fit in everything I want to do before the goodbyes start.

Between swimming and getting some exercise, playing in a pool in the middle of a storm, checking out the Tuesday night market then being invited to one of the older farang’s house for dinner, (where we ate spaghetti outside with 2 buffalo, 11 dogs and some interesting stories!) ending up in a Karaoke bar on Thursday as a farewell to one of the girls then our usual trip to Pool bar on Friday night…. its been a VERY quick and eventful week!

me with some of the lady boys

To top it off Andy and I took a trip back to Chang Mai, mostly to get some things from the shops and because I really wanted to see Chang Mai’s hot springs which I had been told a lot about as you could swim and relax in the pools.

Having to get the bus at 8am on the Saturday morning meant an early rise and a nice wee sleep on the 4 hour bus from Phrae. Once in Chang Mai we got picked up by one of Andy’s friends Lee who lives in Phrae as well. We had some Japanese (which was actually much nicer than I though it would be!….. Well apart from when I was forced to eat raw salmon *shivers*)

We hired a bike and then went on our way to pick up all the things we needed (What I bought is confidential at the moment! Ha!)
We went out for dinner to a great Italian (we are in Chang Mai so not having Thai food is allowed) where I had an ACTUAL glass of white wine… was so nice after not having any in the best part of 6 months!

Some of the impressive costumes

We decided to go to the Lady Boy cabaret show and meet up with the 3 girls however as we had an hour or so Andy somehow convinced me to go to the woman doing Tarot card readings. (Something I don’t really believe in and always worried that I was going to be told something horrible!)
She started and told me that I have lots of ‘positive energy’ and this is why good things happen to me. (Personally I think it’s just because I can look on the bright side of most situations!) She then pulled out the ‘death’ card (cue me freaking out a bit- although apparently it just means change! Pheeew!) she told me I was going to be coming into a new job soon (which I suppose is right) and that I would be very happy and it also would give me more money and a new experience.

She then went on to tell me that marriage and children were not that far off

Me and the Half and Half Man

(hmmmmm……) and that I would be very happy (I should think so!) Then came the bit that’s freaked me out slightly… she said “I see accidents, you have had one recently yes?” I was slightly taken by this as all my cuts and bruises are now gone from my motorbike accident bar the scars which were covered by my sandals and the dark…..”Yes you have had one but was not so bad, however you have to be careful as I see another one that will be bigger but you will be ok”
Yup just confirmed why I never want to go to things like this!!! HA!

Although she did say I would live into old age and I would keep my positive energy through life which would bring many good things my way…. so at least she ended on a good note!!!

Some Camp dancing

After that I had a couple (very needed) cocktails before we went to witness the most hilarious thing I’ve ever seen….. The Lady Boy Cabaret Show!

Now being in Thailand, you become almost used to lady boys, it’s very accepted here and they are everywhere!! However this is the first  time I have seen a proper show from them…. and it was AMAZING!

Start of "I am what I am"

They came out in their barely there outfits, all sparkles and feathers and about as camp as anything I have ever seen! They danced about on stage and put on one massive performance!!!!!! Think my favorite was from a blonde who came out singing to “I am what I am” and as the song went on he stripped off, took off his make up, wig and fake boobs, put on a suit and ended the song as a man!

I would recommend this to EVERYONE! I literally laughed the whole way through!

Afterwards we went out to a few pubs and then onto a club…. was  a very full on night but was great fun! Quite a change from Phrae!!

The next morning Andy and I took the bike out to find San Kamphaeng Hot Springs…. I had very high hopes for this….. maybe a bit too much. Took us ages to find it on the bike so by the time we got there we didn’t have a great deal of time.

Was actually quite funny as on the way to find them the bike slipped on the mud, (probably a good thing I wasn’t driving!) its hard to explain what it feels like when the bike starts to loose control but it gives you a good fright anyway! After my accident a few weeks ago that feeling is not one I like!!! However what was the first thing that popped into my head?! “ARGH the fortune teller was right!!!” luckily (without wanting to give anyone a big head) Andy managed to straighten up the bike before it crashed… something I really doubt I would have been able to do!

The park was very beautiful all green and lovely gardens and then there were the hot springs with stalls set up with eggs which you could cook yourself in the springs. There were 2 huge fountains blasting from the ground and it was quite pretty!

Andy at the San Kamphaeng hot springs

Along the side there was a big man-made river where you could sit with your feet in the water. It was ROASTING! Took us quite a while to get our feet all the way in and it was rather relaxing however the weather was SO hot, combined with the hot water I was dying for a nice cool pool.
There was mineral pools you could go in but we didn’t have time so there was no point paying the extra money to go in.

Dont get me wrong was pretty but not worth going all the way to Chang Mai to visit them!

So another weekend down only 3 more weekends left in Phrae!!


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