Goodbye Phrae

Its been the quickest 5 months of my life and its hard to believe that my time in Phrae is over. Just as I was starting to really feel at ease and at home….. I have to go!

I had a great time, met some awesome people who I hope to keep in touch with and see again… and got more than I bargained for many times.

Thinking back to April and arriving in Thailand, I remember the panic I felt about being locked away in the North of Thailand away from everyone I knew. I had images of being the only farang in town, of nothing to do, no one to talk to and being bored out my mind.

What I found was a lovely quiet town, plenty to see and do, a close group of friends, a good school and a chance to visit and explore the North.

Between my weekends in Phitsanolock, Lom Sak, Chang Rai, Nan, Chang Mai as well as Phrae I think  I have got the best insight into the North of Thailand.

I’ve experienced insane floods (and I’m not talking about the puddles we get back home that we call floods!) Waterfalls, caves, temples, being on the back of a motorbike, crashing my scooter, Thai hospitals, the good, the bad and the down right ugly….. 

The school was everything I could have asked for…. if not more! Adorable kids, lovely teachers and a beautiful school. Don’t think they could have given me a better placement if they tried!

So as I set off on my travels once again… it’s Goodbye Phrae, and see you soon friends! 🙂 

Teacher with JoJo, View and Ploy some of my favorite students!



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