Koh Chang once again

Beautiful sunset's on Koh Chang

Leaving Phrae was all a bit strange, felt like I was leaving home all over again…. between the goodbyes and the long journey that ended up in Bangkok.

Bangkok is not very high on my expectations, especially after seeing what else Thailand has to offer. I find it quite dirty, seedy and way to busy for my liking. However it gave me a chance to catch up with friends and share our experiences from the last 5 months.

After a few days I moved to OnNut, one of the last stops on the sky train (which is one part of Bangkok that I LOVE) and to the ETA offices/Kerry and Sid’s home. It was great catching up with people I had not seen in months and being involved in a company that has quite literally changed my whole life.

On the Friday I went with Tessa to help her with some airport pick ups of the new TEFL Heaven recruits. Being back in Bangkok airport was very strange was almost like I had been transported back to April when I first arrived in Thailand.

On Saturday we travelled to HI-Sukhumvit to pick up all the TEFL recruits. Again the strange sense came over me as this was the hostel we stayed in all those months ago!!

Adjusting to beach life trying to open a coconut!


Setting off for Ko Chang, the feeling never left as we made the same journey, with the same stops, and in a car with some of the same people I was last there with.
After around 6 hours we arrived back in Ko Chang and in Siam Bay beach resort…. all the memories came flooding back and I expected Hayley to come through a door, Joe and Dayna to walk down the steps to the pool or Cat to come and say hello. I cant describe the feeling other than WEIRD!




The difference this time is that I am no longer a trainee doing my TEFL but assisting with the training process!! It has been great fun, with amazing accommodation, a beautiful resort to stay in and a really good bunch of people not to mention the experience I have gained!


Ko Chang

TEFL Heaven



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