Back to Bangkok and reunion times!

After a long trip from Koh Chang, I arrived back in the world of Bangkok. I have always said that Bangkok is not my favorite place…. however it does grow on you after a while and my excitement about the coming few weeks was at an all time high!

After six months of separation I was finally going to be reunited with my best friend Hannah! After spending almost every day together for the last 16/17 years the last 6 months has been the longest we have ever spent apart and it has been tough!


I told Hannah to get to bus from the airport into town  and I would meet her there…. only to hide away in arrivals for a personal pick up! I’m not an overly emotional kind of person… but tears sprung to my eyes as soon as we met again and I realized just quite how much I had missed her over the last 6 months.

So with the new arrival safe and sound we set off on the first leg of our journey! Bangkok! It’s funny how accustomed you get to things over here… some things that Hannah thought were crazy I was just like “aw yeah that’s just Thailand!”

After coming down from Phrae, suddenly EVERYTHING was expensive!!!! Hannah couldn’t believe how cheap everything was in comparison to back home yet I was walking about like “150 bhat for a Thai meal are you kidding?!” (around 3 pound!)

One of the first things we did whilst in Bangkok was the Grand Palace. I had been

Outside the Grand Palace

here on my first trip to Bangkok… and I was just as impressed as I was the first time round. It’s hard to get your head around how spectacular the place is, how BIG it is and just quite how Grand it is. unfortunately there was a Thai funeral on and we were unable to get access to all the parts of the Palace.


All smiles before the taste!

Trying to think of all the ‘Thai” things that we could do so Hannah could see as much as possible I had a brain wave…. BUGS! I have seen these stalls everywhere… selling everything from crickets to meal worms and the Thai’s eat them as a genuine snack with a bit of fish sauce – something I hadn’t even tried since I got here.

So I handed over 20 bhat a picked out a ‘selection’ of tasty treats….

Hannah with her tasty treat!

We sat down in a bar and ordered a Pepsi (the cleverest thing I have EVER done!) Posing with the bugs in our mouth was bad enough, the taste is something I can’t even describe!!! I always thought the people on “I’m a celebrity” were putting on a bit of a show for the cameras…. I can confirm they definitively were not!!!!!
I can’t figure out what was worse… the taste, the crunch, the smell, the after taste, the wing I found in my mouth after…. was DISGUSTING!!!!! I don’t have the best gag reflex…. and it was definitively put to the test – but at least we can say we tried!!

We met up with Johan, a teacher from my school and we experienced RCA… a massive street full of clubs…. it was an experience but also a great night and gave Hannah a chance to put a face to one of the many names that I have mentioned! Hannah also got her first experience of a Thai thunder and lightning storm… and it was a big one! We got soaked and the streets started to over flow with rain water… so much so that we had a wade down a street in shin high water!

The next day we had the bus journey… Not the greatest thing to have when you have a hangover and regret every sip of alcohol you had the night before… but with our brief stop over in Bangkok complete it was on to our first island adventure and to the beautiful Koh Tao….


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