Koh Tao… Wow!

After an over night bus from Bangkok, a two hour wait at a ferry port followed by a couple of hours on a speed boat we arrived at our first island location…. Koh Tao!

Snorkle's at the ready!!

I was unsure whether to come here or not as I had heard that this is the place to be if you want to go diving. As much as I would love to dive, Hannah and I both were not qualified and to do a course would take several days and a lot of money- two things we could not spare. However after talking to some friends they assured me that Koh Tao was a must…. and I am glad we listened!

cracking open coconuts on the beach

We arrived and found accommodation no problem at all!! At  300 bhat a night (works out at 3 pound each a night) it was not bad, a bamboo hut 100meters from the beach with a fan and a massive bed! We only found out later that the room was like an oven and to cool down you had to go outside into the heat of the day!!! Also we were right beside an outside bar- cue music blasting until 3am every night!! However, for 300 bhat we could not complain!

The first day we thought we would use as a chance to chill out, after the mad few days of Bangkok and travelling a beach was welcome! The beach itself was beautiful white sands and blue sea- what more could you ask for!?

Shark Bay... time to snorkle with the sharks!!!!

We took the motorbike out (My eardrums are still ringing from Hannah screaming in my ear!!) and did our own tour of the island however to reach “Shark Bay” we had to leave the bike and jump in a boat taxi which took us round to the other side of the island. Shark Bay was possibly the most beautiful beach I have ever seen. There is white sand and then there is Shark Bay white sand!!!!! Virtually tourist free due to it being so remote and some awesome corals which were great for snorkeling not to mention we got to swim with sharks!!!! Okay… so the sharks were about the size of my hand and pretty sure they were baby ones… but we still swam with them!!!!

Beautiful sunset on Koh Tao

We took the bikes to the opposite side of the island to watch the sunset… (even though we missed most of it) which was spectacular!! Having dinner on the beach was also great, so chilled out and peaceful with a fire show thrown in for good measure! Was a great way to relax and catch up!


Beautiful island of Koh Nangyuan from the view point

The next day we took another boat taxi to Koh Nangyuan and the picture that I think everyone has if they visit Koh Tao. This is a nature park (which also means a fee to enter it) but once on it STUNNING! Three small islands connected by a thin beach with bright blue clear water and LOADS of fish to see snorkeling!


We climbed up to the top of one of the islands… and climbed is the right word!! Hundreds of STEEP steps and the blistering sun beating down on us had us both soaked with sweat by the time we reached the top but was worth it for the view!!

Look its Jennifer Lopez!!!!!! haha

Our only ‘night out’ was to allow Hannah to experience a lady boy show. After being here now for six months I have become quite accustomed to seeing lady boys, however the lady boy shows are always worth a look and this one was brilliant!!!!!! The highlight was the Jennifer Lopez performance or the Beyonce impersonator who I think could actually out booty-shake Beyonce!!!

Playing spot the lady boy

We got more sunbathing time in (obviously) before having to move onto our next island… Koh Tao is a definite must go place even if you are not able to scuba dive and would recommend it to anyone!!!

a little dip in the sea

So next stop on our tour….. Koh Samui where we were getting our self ready for the famous full moon party!!


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