Koh Samui, Koh Phangan and the full moon party!

We left the beautiful Koh Tao for our next island and one of the parts of the trip I was most looking forward to… the famous Full Moon Beach Party on Koh Phangan!

Sailing on the boat to Koh Samui

I had heard that most people stayed on Koh Phangan however someone told me about the speed boat you can take from Koh Samui so you can get off the island after you have finished partying. For us, this was definitely the best choice and would tell everyone to do the same!

So we set of for Koh Samui and arrived in a nice little port and taken round the other side of the island to where we would be staying… it couldn’t be more different if it tried!!!

As we got dropped off, we got out the songtail to be instantly surrounded by pubs as far as the eye could see…. take away the heat of the day and it was like you were looking at a street in Blackpool! We checked into a small hotel for 400 bhat a night and to compare it to fawlty towers would be an insult…. to fawlty towers!!

The sink wouldn’t drain of water, the floor was dirty, the sheets had STAINS on them and that’s not even mentioning the bugs living in the sheets or the noise from the pubs below!! It was, in all senses of the word- HORRIFIC!
We decided to head out and explore and find something to keep us occupied however everywhere you went you were surrounded by the worst types of tourists…. i.e. the sleazy, think they know it all, only there to get drunk, arrogant and ignorant type not to mention the amount of prostitutes there were! The next morning we got up early and went out looking for a new hotel and found one just up the road. The man was lovely, the room was clean and the sheets had no stains on them! Result….. that is until we realized that sound proofing was not the hotels strong point! Was like going to sleep INSIDE a club!

Ready for the full moon with our Neon t-shirts!

However with a clean room our spirits were high as we got ready for the full moon! We decided to take the early ferry that got us into Koh Phangan at around half 6. Was great fun as we got a tiny speed boat over to the island!

When we arrived it was like stepping into a different world!!! It was SO busy as to get in you have to pay 100 bhat and get a bracelet to say you have paid! As we walked through the town every part of the street was FILLED with stalls selling buckets. You picked your bucket which had a bottle of alcohol and a mixer and they made it there and then for you.

Buckets of Whiskey and Coke

For 250 bhat you could get a huge drink of strong alcohol. (No surprise how drunk some people got!) We bought a disposable camera as last thing we wanted was to lose all the pictures from the trip and after my friend had her bag dipped at a previous party we only went with some cash and nothing else


head to toe in neon!

We bought some Neon paint and set to work turning each other into a work of art!! After ten minutes I had more yellow and orange paint on me than I had on clothes!! Great fun!!

The beach was full already but not too full that you couldn’t move and everyone was in a great mood… everyone would stop and chat away to each other and I couldn’t believe some of the horror stories I had heard….

We walked to the end of the beach where they had just set on fire a MASSIVE jump rope which anyone could have a go on! After ages of building myself up to do it I finally ran into the middle and managed a couple of skips before diving out with my heart almost beating out my chest!! We stayed and watched for a while before moving onto the water slide…. you had to climb up a big rope ladder then slide down a big water slide onto the inflatable at the end- only catch was the end of the slide was on fire!! Was A LOT of fun even if it did mean walking about the rest of the night with a wet backside!!

Water slide!

Dancing with some of the local children

As we continued down the beach we saw a tarot card reader… so for a giggle we both went and got our cards read.  I am skeptical at the best of times over these things and this guy was CLEARLY in no way even good at trying to deceive us. Hannah and I got told… word for word the EXACT same thing! “We have both had bad men in the past, money is coming in November, but we will also have stomach problems so have to eat plenty of rice and potato’s” hmmmm….

We spent a few hours dancing before we both started to get quite tired and

Me and Hannah 🙂

decided that we would get the 1am boat home. As we were walking back along the beach we saw the ‘horror’ stories that you always hear about.

Firstly there was a girl passed out on the floor drunk, her friends slapping her, throwing water on her and dragging her along the sand making her strapless dress come down to her stomach. It was horrible, instead of looking after they friend they were making things about 100 times worse. Even shaking away help from strangers who clearly were more worried than the girls friends who only seemed to be concerned that they were missing the party!

As we walked further past the long line on people on the shore going to the toilet (even though there were toilets all along the beach) we saw some boys we were talking to earlier only this time steaming drunk and desperately trying to cop off with anything and anyone! After telling them we both had boyfriends and were not interested we got a lovely  “F you” and stumbled off to find someone else. Charming!

By this time the beach was so crammed you could hardly move, when we came across a man on a bench dancing away with a lady boy. After grabbing her head an forcing it into his crotch she pulled away and started to walk away only for the lout to grab her by the pony tail and pull her back…

… That was enough for us… we headed back to the boat!!!

After full moon! All painted up!

I was surprised at how many people were leaving at 1am as well and the fact Hannah and I had only a bucket each meant we were sober for the ride home, and could see the state some of the people were in!

We got back to our (noisy but clean) hotel room and after an hour of scrubbing got the paint off!!

I am really glad we went to the full moon… however if I was to go again (which I don’t think I would) I would definitely do the same things i.e. don’t stay on the island, take some cash and nothing else, don’t get too drunk and go early! It was a great night even if it was tainted by some horrible sites!!

One of the awesome temples on Koh Samui

We hired bikes and took them around Koh Samui… the thing I enjoyed most about the island! We saw some lovely temples and even got our picture taken by some Thai people, it was nice to get away from all the tourists! After our full day out we decided to cut our Koh Samui trip short and head over early to Krabi, on the West side of the South- hopefully back to a bit of normality.

BIG Buddha of Koh Samui


5 thoughts on “Koh Samui, Koh Phangan and the full moon party!

    • I think it would be the best beach party if you took away the people who cant handle their drinks and put themselves in danger either though fighting, passing out or getting into trouble!! I actually had a great time before most people got out of control!!

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