The Beautiful, Amazing, Koh Phi Phi

Leaving Krabi behind we moved onto our last stop of the holiday…. and my personal favorite island out of all the ones we had been to – Koh Phi Phi!

Andy on the front of the boat with the bluest water I've ever seen!

A short boat journey from Krabi later we had arrived into a very busy port, after paying the fee to get on the island (20 bhat (10p) to help keep the island clean) we moved into an area with pictures lining the walls of places to stay. Usually there are people with boards and pictures trying to get you to stay at their accommodation so this was quite strange… but in a good way!!

Koh Phi Phi has no roads, no cars, no motorbikes and no buses so to get around you have to walk everywhere or get a boat taxi…. which is no problem as the island is rather small!

Fun in the sun on Phi Phi

We found small bamboo huts a short walk from the beach (and quite high up just to keep my Tsunami fears at bay!!) The first day we decided to chill on the beach which was beautiful! The bay was clean, the sand white and the sea an awesome bright blue. It really was one of the most beautiful beaches around!


Going for lunch on the beach I wasn’t expecting much after previous meals

Jump Rope!

down south… however the food was AMAZING! The best I have had since being on holiday! That night we decided (after another amazing meal) to head out and see what Phi Phi had to offer. We ended up at a bar on the beach which was nice and chilled out. Then the games started…. first the jump rope, same as at the full moon only with glow sticks and not fire!!

Andy and the Limbo!

We all had a try (after which we received a free shot of something NOT nice!!!) Hannah and Andy also gave the limbo a try… me being not very flexible, thought it was best to maybe just take the pictures! It was good to let the hair down and get out…  after all this was only our 3rd night out in as many weeks!

Then the main event!!

The "Thailand has Talent" fire show!

We watched a fire show from the people who were on “Thailand’s Got Talent” it was really good and quite impressive, after seeing LOADS of fire shows it was really good to see one that was different with hula-hoops, fireworks, a shooting stick and loads of other props! As the night went on we even managed a dance on the beach, it was a great night…. and then at 1pm it was all over. Unlike most places that we had been to as soon as it hit 1am all the music and bright lights were shut off- it was bliss!!!!! We didn’t have to worry about trying to get to sleep with the banging music blaring until 3am… makes me sound old- but I need my sleep!

The fish before going snorkeling

We booked onto a trip for the next day to go to Maya Bay AKA “The Beach” we got on a long-tailed boat and set off to our first stop… Monkey Bay. At first we couldn’t see anything, however as the boat got in closer you could suddenly see loads of monkeys in the trees! It was only a very quick stop before the boat set off again for a snorkeling stop. The snorkeling was UNREAL! There were more fish than I’ve ever seen…. every color, ever shape, every size! I even learned how to snorkel properly (as I never realized you could go underwater with the snorkel!) We didn’t stay there long enough for my liking as I was having a great time, however with more places to go we got back onto the boat and set off for the next stop…. Maya Bay.

This is one of Phi Phi’s most famous tourist attractions as it is where the film “The

Maya Bay AKA The Beach

Beach” was filmed. It really was beautiful!!! The sand was pure white, the bay was beautiful and the forest right behind the beach gave it an idyllic setting. Only thing that spoiled it was 1) The battery on my camera ran out- DOH!! 2) The amount of tourists…. there were HUNDREDS!!!!  We got back and went out for another awesome meal (I can’t even describe how good these meals were, especially after eating meals that i would just describe as ‘okay’ up until that point!) and found a great wee bar where we could have a quite drink and…. a game of Jenga!!

Andy and I at one of our amazing dinners!! 😀

The next day we decided to book onto another tour as the last one was so good

Lazing on the beautiful monkey beach!

(and cheap!!) This time we took a much bigger boat and we went round the opposite way stopping off a Monkey Beach, unlike monkey bay, we were able to get off the boat and use the snorkels to swim to shore then spend quite a bit of time on the beach. Monkey’s were EVERYWHERE up and down the beach and they ranged from huge ones to wee small babies.

The blue blue sea of Koh Phi Phi on monkey beach

However we were warned not to leave things lying about as the monkey’s would snatch them as one tourist almost found out when a monkey tried to grab his bag! The beach would have been lovely however it was in some state with rubbish which was a shame as if you took away the rubbish it really would be paradise! We spent quite a bit of time here, looking at the monkeys, lying in the surf, snorkeling and just chilling out! Was great fun, and as this tour did not include Maya Bay (The Beach) it was quite quiet so there weren’t too many tourists!

Monkeys on Monkey beach!

The boat took us away from Koh Phi Phi to a very near by island called Bamboo Island, a small island with some coral reef’s to get some more snorkeling in, we also took the canoe’s out and even though we didn’t use them for that long it was good fun…. even if I did find out Hannah is TERRIBLE at steering them and having a 6’2″ boy hang onto the back of it makes it SO hard to get the canoe to

Low tide on the beach

move!! We spent quite a bit of time in the water and walking along the beach. As usual for the West side the Tsunami warnings were up, along with the evacuation routes and this time there was even a marker on a pole to show where the water came up to  in 2004. Looking out onto the horizon we could see a BIG storm coming which as we were quite far away was quite something to look out and see! We got back onto the boat where we could jump off the top of the boat into the blue ocean below which was great fun!!

We had one last stop and that was Shark Bay… unfortunately due to the storm it had got quite dark and many people chose not to go back into the water as it had got rather cold!! However Andy went back in…. and never saw anything! lol

Tsunami Memorial Park, Phi Phi

And with that it was off back to Phi Phi where we went out for dinner on a big boat in the middle of town that was also a Tsunami evacuation point, at first I thought it was a joke but the signs seemed to be pretty serious so I think it must have been!! The meal was okay however I am putting full blame for Hannah and I’s illness on that boat!

The next day it was off back to Krabi where it was time to say goodbye to my best friend. It has been an amazing 3 weeks and it was so nice to see her again after realizing just how much I had missed her in the last 6 months. We parted ways at the port (and we both managed to keep the tears at bay!) as Hannah headed off for the airport and her flight to Bangkok and Andy and myself headed back to Ao Nang for a night before making out epic trip back to the North of Thailand via bus!


Me and Hannah on the beach- Goodbyes are never easy especially when its loved ones! 😦


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