English for Thai Police

On Friday we had a different set of students to normal. Not only were they around 20-30years older than most of my students, they were also member of the Phrae Traffic Police!

Joey, Tracy, myself and Teacher Tiantong with some of the officers

We were told a week before and it was made out to be just a quick informal lesson lasting only an hour and a half (shared between myself, Tracy and Joseph) So you can imagine our surprise when the local news, newspaper, sub director and head of police showed up!!

All the police officers and teachers! (local newspaper picture!)

It was quite a weird affair- for starters we were in a great room where I had a microphone and didn’t have to scream at the top of my lungs for the students to be quiet! All the policemen were very focused and you could tell they were definitively trying!!

Teaching away- Game, one officer blind folded the other to guide him!

We had to introduce ourselves and mine came with the usual line “Hello, my name is Jennie. I am from Scotland” “Ahhhh Scot Whiskey!!!!” Its quite funny as you expect people in Thailand not to know where Scotland is however all the older direction

Tracy went first followed by myself and Joseph.  I taught them directions and important places throughout the town as well as a game, blindfolding one and getting someone else to shout directions to guide him to the marker. (No matter what age people are a game always goes down well!!!)

Receiving our basket of fruit!

It was the easiest/quickest lesson of my life! The policemen all joined in which any teacher will tell you makes teaching 100% easier! One policeman struggled with one of his words to which another turned round and shouted “Too much whiskey!!!” Was very funny!

At the end of the lesson more pictures were taken and some of the policemen asked “Jennie most beautiful, miss or mrs?! Facebook?!” It was all done in good humour and made me laugh quite a lot!

The funniest part came after the lesson when I took my motorbike out to pick up my washing. Passing three different policemen on three different corners all I could hear was “MISS JENNIE!!!! HELLO!!!” One even came up to me at the traffic lights, chapped on my helmet and said “Jennie… helmet… very good!!”

At least I can say I have made a few new friends…. even if I did just teach them how to give me a ticket!!!!!!

Me and some of the officers!


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