The brutal reminder of road safety….

After being in Thailand for eight months now and having a motorbike for the majority of my time it’s often easy to become complacent and forget just how dangerous they can be. unfortunately we got a brutal reminder of just how dangerous they can be.

The weekend before last the Philippio teachers in my school went out to the waterfall for a day out. On the way back crossing an intersection the driver, who is the brother of one of my colleagues, forgot to check the blind spot and a truck crashed into the bike.

The driver was seriously injured and as he had no helmet on part of his skull caved in which resulted in an operation to remove part of the skull. The passenger on the bike (another colleague of mine, Deni) was also seriously injured with a broken cheek, broken nose and dislocated jaw which has taken two operations to fix! Not to mention the superficial injuries that run up and down the legs and backs of both Deni and Ming.

Luckily both should fully recover however the scars will be a constant reminder of a horrible accident.

It’s a very harsh lesson which I think we will all learn from, the motorbikes are essential to get around as well as fun to drive however a slight lapse in concentration can end up deadly.

Wishing Deni and Ming a very quick recovery…. get well soon guys our thoughts are with you both! xxx


4 thoughts on “The brutal reminder of road safety….

  1. Dear, dear, that sounds awful. Hope they make speedy recoveries. Think when your on a motorbike you must check and double check as drivers can easily miss you on the road. Certainly makes you think a bit more about being safe.

    Take care,


    Dad xxx

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