Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

Its crept up quite quickly on us however Christmas is here!! It may still be reaching the 30’s in the afternoon however the nights and mornings are not too far of back home as it is bitterly cold when the sun is not up!

It has been rather strange as Thailand does not celebrate Christmas, they know what it is and you get some decorations in shops however the school is not decorated and there is not the same ‘buzz’ around that you get back home.

Last week or so we decided to get into the Christmas Spirit and all lessons have been based around Christmas…. from making Christmas cards and snowflakes to teaching the English Christmas songs!! It has been quite good fun and the children seem to love it!!

This week we were told that the farang teachers (6 of us now) have to put on a Christmas party for the upper school… games, songs, decorations and competitions! We were even given a 3000baht allowance to buy decorations (Around 60 pound) The children have been going crazy rehearsing for the show and have been taking it very seriously!!

Other than that the weekend is shaping up to be very good, a full blown Christmas dinner on Saturday (WITH TURKEY!!) presents from home to open and HOPEFULLY a skype chat with my family on Sunday followed by Christmas dinner at Georges house along with the other farang’s in town (and the 3 buffalo and 11dogs!!!)

So just incase I do not get the chance to say….

I wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!



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