With my year in Thailand almost up, I have been trying to see as much as I can before I leave.  This weekend Andy and I took a trip 200km down from Phrae to Sukhothai , the first capital of Siam, and also means “Dawn of Happiness”. It’s famous for its history and the Sukhothai Historical Park is now a world heritage site.

Bike break on the way to Sukhothai

As things are starting to wrap up we decided to take Andy’s big motor bike down so he could get the most out of it before he has to sell it. The scenery was beautiful and we could stop off along the way if anything took our fancy which you are unable to do on a bus.

As we were on the motorbike its important to wrap up as (touch wood) if you come off the bike your skin is covered and protected to some degree. Only problem is when you are not moving on the bike it is ROASTING! It was quite funny however as I decided not to put Andy’s shoes on and just wear flip-flops, which Andy was not exactly happy about however I ignored his protests and kept my flip-flops on….. only to get half way to Sukhothai and scream in pain as a bee had somehow got under my toe while on the bike and stung the underside of my toe…. much to Andy’s glee at being able to say ‘I told you so” Hmmm….

Andy getting a shave in the barbers/bike shop

We arrive at 5pm and were both shattered after being on the road for almost 5 hours! We decided on a relaxing night. We went for a walk around the town and spotted a barber shop, seeing that they did close shaves Andy decided to get one. So he sat in the chair just as a motorbike came into the shop and the ‘barber’ stopped what he was doing and went over to fix the bike tire!!! We then realized that we were in a barber/bike shop!!! After having a good laugh we went to the markets and got a feast of food and took it back to the hotel room where we crashed out pretty early.

Sukhothai Historical Park

The next morning we got up very early and headed down the road, first stop was to pick up the bikes. The Sukhothai Historical Park covers a HUGE area and would can do it by foot, bike or songtail. We decided on the bicycle’s as we could do it at our own pace and get away from the tourists. It was a beautiful morning however the sun was already heating up by the time it hit half 9 in the morning!

We cycled around for the best part of 3 hours, stopping all along the way any time something took our fancy. The park was beautiful and the ruins were massive and very impressive. We took the typical tourist pictures (standing or sitting in the same pose as the Buddha’s image behind us) and cycled along at a nice pace. We came to the giant Buddha with the gold hand and its rather hard to describe how big this Statue was!! It was so big that it was near impossible to get a shot of it from the top to the bottom in one picture!!!

Sukhothai Historical Park- Giant gold handed Buddha

Andy also wanted to look at some paintings he had seen here 2 years ago when he last came with his mum. “The man is set up just outside the Gold Hand Statue” So we went off for a look and the paintings were in the exact same spot…. only difference was the man was, um, well not a man. It sounds rude to say but I could literally not take my eyes off her chest, as a post op lady boy, her boobs were….. how would you say…. unmissable!!!!!! Only in Thailand!

We carried on and spent the afternoon looking around the park and I have to say it is definitely one to visit! However a couple of things you should know before you go….

1) The pedal bike definitely the way to do it. Andy and his mum took a songtail last time and said that they stopped at EVERY ruin…. which after a while gets quite old, also the people walking would be A)very sweaty, B)not be able to get round the whole park in one day as some of it quite far out and in a different park C)Be very very sweaty!!

Sukhothai Historical Park

2)Take a change of top with you. As I have mentioned before it is very very hot and having to walk/cycle for most of the day can make you ‘slightly’ sweaty.

3) You get charged 100B entry fee to the park however some of the other monuments like the giant Buddha and the temple of the hill cost a further 100B.

4)Take plenty of water!!!

However I would highly recommend it if you come to Thailand.

Sukhothai Historical Park some meditating...

Mount Columbar... might have appreciated it more if we hadn't almost died! HA!

After we had a good look around we headed off for home, however decided to make the most of the bike and head to “The Wonderful Mount Columbur” This was a decision we were soon to regret. It was 16km off the main road, however it was then a further 4km down a dirt path which was FILLED with massive holes and rocks, which was quite scary going over on the bike especially as the first hole took Andy by surprise and my bum came right off the bike and landed with a thud again!!! Ouch! At the end of the 4km dirt path we then had another 1km up another vertical “road”

Never have I been so relieved to get up a hill before!!! Once there we got off the bike to be greeted by an old Thai man who took us on the ‘grand tour’. He had clearly not seen anyone for several days. First he pointed out some rocks, then took us up and pointed out more rocks, then to round it off took us to see some bigger rocks!! They looked slightly like the Giants Causeway in Ireland only not as impressive and after the journey there it just wasn’t worth the hassle and the dangerous road!!

Andy and his bike at Mount Columbar.

Before setting off for home I decided to use the loo. Little did I know that I was in the loo with a poisonous snake!!!!!!!!! Luckily I never noticed and it was Andy who pointed it out to me and the old Thai man who proceeded to poke it with a stick….. and that was Mount Columbar…. we now just had to roll the bike down the dangerous path, over the 4km of holey dirt’ road’ and back up the 16km of normal road to get back to the business of going home…. At least we can say we have seen it!! HA!

With another few hours on the road we were finally home and very tired marking the end of another weekend here in Thailand……

Beautiful scenery at Sukhothai Historical Park


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