Playing With Tigers


Tiger’s have always been one of mine and my mum’s favourite animals, there are massive yet beautiful and sadly a type of animal you do not see everywhere! With our trip to Australia almost on us we had to take another trip to Chiang Mai so I could go to hospital and get a chest x-ray for my visa from Chiang Mai Ram Hospital.

The hospital was extremely proficient and the staff were lovely and could all speak English. Within two hours I was finished and left with a full day to fill! Tracy and myself decided to have a girly day and let the guys spent some quality male time together. We took a motorbike around 30km outside of Chiang Mai to Tiger Kingdom so we could spend the day playing with baby tigers.

I had already seen the tigers at Tiger Temple in Bangkok however when I went all the tigers were chained up and always asleep-even the baby ones! After seeing pictures from Tiger Kingdom all the tigers seemed alert and playful and I wanted to play!!! Tracy had already been into Tiger Kingdom to see the big tigers so we decided on playing with the baby ones instead which were only a month and a half old!! We decided to hire a professional photographer for the day for a mere 300b between us, and it was the best decision we could have made as the pictures that we got were awesome!!!

Once inside the enclosure we took turns patting the small tigers and getting our pictures taken. To say they were cute was an understatement! We were told that they were all born here and will be raised here until they are 2-4years old when they will get to big and dangerous to allow people in the enclosure with them. They are then sent all over to zoo’s who have big enough enclosure’s to take care of them. It was really nice to see as you could tell they were well looked after and they were doing their bit to save the species.

After about 20 minutes our time was up so we left to look around. We went over to the first building which no one was allowed into as it held all the new-born baby tigers too young to be open to the public. However it was a huge glass building so you could watch as these tiny tigers were washed and bottle fed by the staff.

We spend about another hour walking around visiting the MASSIVE tigers and the smaller ones all running around wild playing with each other. Unlike my first experience it was nice to see them look so happy and not have massive chains around their necks. I am sure the tigers in Tiger Temple were happy you just couldn’t tell!!

Right at the back of the tigers we also found a massive Lion! You couldn’t go in the cage with him… and after looking at his teeth I don’t think you would want to!!! After a good look round we headed back into Chiang Mai to find our better halves, have a beer, some dinner then head home to Phrae.



5 thoughts on “Playing With Tigers

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  3. Hey Ken!
    Yes I am having a fantastic time!! 😀
    I am sure going up the snowy mountains with my old man is exciting too!! Just a different kind of excitement… not too much adrenaline things here!!x

  4. It looks as if you are having an amazing time …. and I thought going up some old snowy mountain with your old man exciting at times!!!!! …… LOL!

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