The Boat House

With another weekend past, and another weekend closer to moving on from Thailand we decided to take a trip to Chiang Mai to stay on a boat house for some much-needed chill out time.

Relaxing over looking the lake

The last few weeks have been extremely stressful. To start with I am moving my life to another country and continent after living in Thailand for a year now. It just so happens that to move from a country like Thailand to a Western country like Australia is VERY expensive. I make good money here in Thailand and live very very well here, however put that money into dollars or pounds it really does not amount to very much!

Andy and I at the boat house

Number two on the stress list has been planning Australia, between flights, visa, medical exams and all the bits and bobs that need doing before you move homes its been non stop! Then there has been the sickness, it has just been a flu-like virus but had me knocked for six last week so much so I had to take time of school to try get better!

Then to top of all of this I have been working two nights a week after school and at weekends to help try get some much-needed money to move on…. I have never been so tired in my life but it would all be worth it right?! WRONG! The owner of the language school I was working at (who for the record is from Singapore and not from Thailand) turned out to be a lying, cheating, scheming, horrible excuse for a human being. Not only did he screw me over on 2 MONTHS worth of pay he also got up and left a trail of destruction and debt to other employee’s and his ex-wife whose name the business was under. So Jack if you read this…. you really are the most pathetic, horrible, spineless “man” I have ever met and really do hope you get what you deserve! **breathe….**

SO… as you can see things have been ever so slightly stressful and a weekend retreat has never been more needed!

Andy, Me, Gift, Lee, Tracy and Joey

We left on the Friday afternoon with out Thai friends Lee and Gift and drove to Chiang Mai. Once we were there we went out for dinner and off to the cinema, which is hard to describe how exciting the cinema becomes when it is something that is not accessible unless you travel to the major cities 4 and 8 hours away! We went to see John Carter which I would definitely recommend. Afterwards we met up with our American friends Joey and Tracy, South African Nato and Irish Effy. Was a good night and many many cocktails were drained!!

The next day we had a few errands to run in Chiang Mai before setting off for the boat house which is a 90km drive outside Chiang Mai. The boat house is in the middle of a Thai lake which takes a 15minute long-tailed boat ride to reach. The houses are very basic but very nice and it is lovely and peaceful.

View from the boat house

unfortunately the North of Thailand is suffering from bad haze caused by the forest fires and crop burning. However this gave it a very surreal look as the sun was behind the haze and if you took away the heat of the day it was very easy to think you were out on a Loch in Scotland. We were surrounded by low hills covered in green and really did make me feel a strange connection to my home country.

Picture perfect

It was great just being able to chill out with our friends around us and the drink flowing quite nicely. We all sat down to a lovely meal as the sun set  and just took time to forget the stress of the last few weeks and have a laugh.

The rest of the night was filled with drinking games, midnight swims and a lot of laughs! Which is the perfect way to unwind and forget about the stresses of the previous weeks.

The next day we all got up very early and woke up with a morning dip in the quite chilly water! Andy and I even took a lilo each and paddled across the entire width of the lake which took us AGES!

Larking about in the water

After a last couple hours of relaxing we took the car back to Chiang Mai, shopped about in the markets for an hour or so and headed back to Phrae. Batteries recharged, stress levels lowered and our second last weekend in Phrae finished!

Some serious diving going on!


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