Conquering and Eating my Biggest Fear

Ok so I don’t know if conquering is completely honest….

You don’t have to be a good friend of mine to know the thing that scares me most in this world- SPIDERS! For as long as I can remember they have brought tears to my eyes and screams to my mouth. Even before I left for Thailand I had my brother and Dad still catching them and taking them out my  room so I can sleep.

Conquering the fear... Kind of!

After a year away from home my fear as slightly diminished somewhat. However walking through the streets of Phnom Penh we discovered the fried bug stall which are all over Thailand. They had your usual meal worms, crickets and cock roaches  but also had snake, baby sparrow and… SPIDERS!!!

Being all talk we decided to buy one each to munch on…. however after the spiders were in the bag I was not so cocky! We went into a pub and I took small steps…. holding the bag, putting the spider near me, putting it onto my hand etc. (all to the bar girls delight!!)

Washing it down with a $0.50 beer!!

Finally I couldn’t put it off any longer… taking a leg I put it in my mouth and chewed… resisting the urge to bring up the dinner I had consumed not long before. I couldn’t eat the whole thing as it tasted VILE!!! However for someone with such a strong phobia I felt a sense of achievement!

Take that you 8 legged beast!!

Next time I see a spider in my room I can be like “HA!! I ate your cousin, you don’t scare me!!!”….

Or maybe retreat back into another room!


3 thoughts on “Conquering and Eating my Biggest Fear

  1. Oh My God!!!!!!! This is not the Jennie I know?! Ha ha u would not get me doing that in a million years! X

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