Sihanoukville- White Sandy beaches and pick pockets!

After a full on couple of days our last locations are all about chilling out. Phnom Penh was quite a hard visit and the thought of a beach made for a very happy girl. The bus took around 5hours and we arrived in Sihanoukville, the party and beach location in Cambodia.

Sunset during our dinner in Sihanoukville

Expecting to pay quite a bit for a hotel as it is a tourist spot I was surprised when we got a room for only $8 a night so couldn’t complain. We went for dinner on the beach that night and it was lovely just to sit back with the sand between your toes and the sound of the ocean in my ears. However that sound didn’t last too long as children selling bracelets continued to come up and try sell their things- and got cheeky when you didn’t buy! It was quite annoying as it was constant and they would stop every time they passed, not taking no for an answer. We decided on booking a tour for the next day, very similar to one of the tours

Fisherman hand caught a fish!

we did in Koh Phi Phi. We set of at 8am for a free breakfast then drove on a long-tailed boat for around 45 minutes to our first stop. The stop was for snorkelling however the water was quite cloudy and visibility low however there was still plenty to see. We continued on to the ‘Bamboo’ island where we could chill in the white beach for an hour, come together as a group for a lunch bbq then head over to the deserted beach on the other side of the island. It was lovely just sitting and relaxing on the beach with no one trying to sell you anything and letting my mind finally relax.

deserted beach on the Bamboo Island

After lunch we walked through the jungle for 15minutes to reach the deserted island. The beach was lovely and white however the sand was deadly hot!! Once back on the boat after our four hour stop over on the Bamboo Island we came to our second snorkeling stop. This one was MUCH better and there was plenty to see, however I would still say Thailand was better. The next day was another chance to chill out, I headed down to the beach alone for some serious sunbathing time! It was lovely just chilling out reading my book catching some rays. Out the corner of my eye I saw two Cambodian boys ‘playing’. I watched them run around the tourists on the sun loungers and distract them while the other stole their juice or attempted to steal their bag. I was lying in the sand on my back reading a book when I heard them come over. Their ‘play fighting’ just happened to take them in my direction and next thing I knew sand was getting kicked up everywhere and the smaller of the two boys was pushed on top of me! I told them to go away and they ran off laughing. What I didn’t notice was that they had kicked my bag and my small ‘purse’ had fallen out, what they didn’t realise was that my ‘purse’ contained no money but only lady products! I had heard about pick pockets being rather bad here so decided to come to the beach with $2 just in case I grew thirsty. I went in the sea and got rid of the sand and came back to lie on my front and continue reading when I heard the boys coming again. They had clearly not realise I was onto them again and as my little pouch sat lying beside me they tried again to push the smaller boy on me during a ‘play fight’ while the older boy kicked the purse with his feet and tried to disguise it in the sand so I wouldn’t notice what they had done. Before the boy knew what had happened I reached over and gave him a quick ‘jab’ to the leg which didn’t half take him off guard! He limped away to shouts from other tourists that he would suffer the same fate if he tried it with them! A man came over to help me up as I now resembled a sand monster and to check I was ok even if he continued to laugh whilst he did so and the performance he had just witnessed and to congratulate me on my effort! What can I say I am just very protective over my lady products!! HA! Funnily enough the boys never tried again after that!

Lazing about in the sun on our deserted beach! 🙂

We had dinner on the beach followed by a long walk around town before getting back to the hotel before a big storm hit. With that our trip to Sihanoukville was over with only one stop remaining before we head back to Thailand. Sihanoukville was lovely to chill out however beware of the kids and watch your bags and remember that if you fall asleep in the sun to remove your massive sunglasses because you will resemble a weird albino panda!!

Flip flop tree on the deserted beach!


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