Banned animal shows in Koh Kong!

With time in Cambodia coming to end there was a very long journey back to the North of Thailand to look forward to. Decided it was going to be too long a journey we decided to break it up and visit Koh Kong as a final stop on the Cambodian tour. It is located on the Thai/Cambodian border and is a quiet little province with not many tourists.

We arrived quite early in the day so spent the day at the beach just relaxing after our bus journey from Sihanoukville. Was lovely to be on a near deserted beach, no thieving children or people trying to sell you things in sight.

Our very own beach for the day!

By the time we got home I was so shattered I fell asleep and did not even want to get up for food, so we decided to just grab some dinner at a small restaurant round the corner. The weird thing about Koh Kong is it actually accepts three different currencies. Thai baht, US dollars and Cambodian Riel. I have become quite used to paying in dollars and receiving Riel as change however to add Thai baht into the mix wasn’t half confusing!!

Entrance to Safari World!

The next morning we got up nice and early and traveled to the Thai border where we made a quick stop off at Safari World. Unlike most safari parks, this park put on shows which are barred in many countries. Going in it was just the same as any normal zoo you would visit however what sets it apart from other places are these shows.

Some beautiful Macaws

The first show we went to was the bird show. I remember being in Spain when I was a little girl and seeing something similar there with the birds riding on bicycles, doing math, flying through hoops and fetching things from the audience like money . To be honest it was nothing that I hadn’t seen before and was slightly disappointed as it had been built up as the place to go to see these ‘barred’ shows and I don’t really know what I was expecting! The bird show was still entertaining however and I even got to stand up as part of an act… even though I had NO clue what was going on as it was all in Cambodian!

Yes they are lying on a crocodile!!

The next show we went to was the crocodile show… and I could now understand why these shows had been banned! With two ‘trainers’ in the rink filled with around ten crocodiles they set about prodding and poking them with a stick and dragging them by their tails which seemed to really annoy the crocodiles involved!!

The trainers were very dramatic which made for a good show, however the

His hand is right inside the crocodile!!

‘SNAP’ of the crocodiles jaws made such a sound it put you slightly on edge for their safety as the crocodiles were FAST! Then the trainers started ‘preparing’ the crocodiles by putting them into what looked like some sort of hypnotic state.  Next thing we knew his hand was in the mouth!!! It didn’t stay in the mouth for long and as he pulled it out the crocodile shut its jaws with only millimeters to spare!

Man has a death wish!!

The trainer prepared the crocodile again and this time put his head in the crocodile. I was squirming at the thought of what would happen if the crocodile decided to shut its mouth, however I did not get a chance to take a breath as there was a massive POP!! Everyone in the audience screamed and took a few moments to realise that the pop was actually the other trainer who had blown up a balloon and popped it inside another crocodiles mouth!!! It was definitely impressive if not terrifying!

Tiger playing in the sun

After the crocodile show we made our way over the tiger show. It was strange as walking in you could imagine yourself in the movies you see about the old circus acts as their were massive iron bars surrounding the stage as well as tigers circling the outside! As the show started the lion tamer introduced not one but SIX tigers in the ring with him all on their podiums, with no chains and seemingly quite angry!

All the tigers lined up at the tiger show!

The show consisted of walking on podiums, dancing, rolling over, jumping over one another and then to top it off jumping through a hoop made of fire!! It was quite clear why these shows were not barred however I have to admit I enjoyed it greatly!!


There was one more show however we were pushed for time and could not wait which is a shame because it was the show I was most looking forward too…. Orang-utan boxing!

It all sounds very cruel however the animals looked in great health and they seemed very well looked after which was actually quite nice to see!

Fooling around

However with time not on our side we had to make it over the border and back onto Thai soil . With our Cambodian adventure over its now back to Thailand for 11 days to have a day of beach time, pick up our luggage and celebrate Songkran, Thailand’s new year!


2 thoughts on “Banned animal shows in Koh Kong!

  1. hmmmmmmmmmmmmm breeding animals to entertain humans. Very cruel indeed. The crocodiles are bred to understand the tapping patterns, because they’re incredibly intelligent animals and it’s so cruel. No animal belongs in a circus.

    • Yes it appeared to be cruel however like I said the animals were in some of the best condition i have ever seen, and you could see this through the maccaws. everywhere I have seen these so far they have been so unhappy all their feathers have been plucked chiang mai zoo, tiger temple and kingdom and places down south… so at least you know they are getting cared for well.
      And despite it being a bit cruel its still worth going to see and if lonely planet recommends it then it cant be so bad! 🙂 x

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