The End is Here!

On April 20th 2011 I began a journey with no idea where it would end up taking me… saying goodbye to my friends and family I was almost sure I had made a huge mistake.

However one year on, I have not been back and have been on an epic journey, travelling and teaching in Thailand. Stopping off in Laos and Cambodia along the way! I have seen so many things, done some crazy stuff and met some amazing people… had I made a mistake?? NOT A CHANCE!

It has been a massive roller coaster ride which has had far more ups than downs, mostly due to the friends I have made here and the support from my family and friends back home.

Tomorrow marks my last day in the Land Of Smiles and setting of on another adventure to Australia!

However before I set off I cannot express how grateful I am to all of these people (too many to mention) who have made this year what it is…. amazing!!!

So thank you a million times over!

Some of my closest friends here in Thailand



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