Caversham Wildlife Park

So finally after seventeen months of travelling around Thailand, Cambodia and setting up camp in Australia I was reunited with my parents as they came to visit! As expected it was a bit of an emotional reunion at the airport, we whisked them off home before taking them on an exhausting 2 week tour of Western Australia!

Since coming here back in April we have not ventured to far from Perth as we knew that my parents were planning a trip so thought we would spend a few months settling in and saving money so when they were here we could take a holiday and go places we normally couldn’t reach in just a weekend.

Scratching the neck of a Joey

Scratching the neck of a Joey

The first day we planned to go out to the Swan Valley where we were visiting Caverhsam Wildlife Park. It is the first time I had been here as well so was a great chance for me to get out and see some of the attractions here in Perth. The park is set up slightly like a zoo but with none of the exotic animals such as Elephants, tigers and zebra’s etc. The park allows you to get up close and personal with some of Australia’s most famous and well known creatures.

We arrived and headed straight for the farm show, although I wasn’t expecting much I was pleasantly surprised after watching them men round up the sheep with dogs, shearing the sheep, milking cows and all sorts. They even demonstrated how to use an Indiana style whip, after an American man trying it and wrapping it round his face (which looked very painful) Andy got up and gave it a go… to everyone’s amusement he managed to do it first time… only for him to tell everyone he had done it before!!

Lazy Kangaroo

Lazy Kangaroo



The park allowed you to go inside the enclosures of many animals’s including the kangaroo; we could go around a pat them and get our pictures taken. Despite what I was thinking Kangaroo’s are ridiculously lazy and not anything like Skippy!!! They were quite content sitting on the grass lazing about! We went and saw the wombat’s and the Koala’s an unlike a normal zoo we could go into their enclosure and get them a pet.

Leaving Caverhsam we went for lunch at one of the pub’s in the Swan Valley, the food was delicious (although expensive!) and my dad managed to get his first drink of the holiday… his very own beer tasting platter! Little did dad know that this was just the warm up!!

Dad With A Beer Tasting Platter

Beer Tasting Platter

After stuffing ourselves with a feast fit for a king we moved on to the Swan Valley Chocolate Factory. Really this is just a giant shop which has a large glass screen where you can watch the chocolate being made however they do give out free samples… despite being so full from lunch we all managed a ‘couple’ free samples of each type before heading back on our way!

We arrived home shattered and quite ready for bed as getting up in the morning would be the start of a very very long drive…

Family with the wombat


2 thoughts on “Caversham Wildlife Park

  1. Hi Jennie!
    Im so pleased that you and your family enjoyed your visit to the park. Thanks for writing about us!
    I hope you dont mind, but i have shared your link onto our FB page, for all to enjoy.
    I enjoyed reading about your adventures of a lifetime!
    Debbie, from Caversham Wildlife Park

    • Thanks Debbie
      We all had a great time at the park was a lovely day out (and affordable!!)
      We will Defo be back at some point, animals were beautiful and so well cared for which is always nice to see 🙂 X

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