What NOT to do when Skydiving

Part of my birthday present from Andy was a skydive, I have always wanted to do one so you can imagine my excitement!

Jumping out the plane at 15,000feet

Jumping out the plane at 15,000feet

We did the skydive with Skydive express located in York which is an hour or so drive from Perth. They took me through training showing me where to put my hands/ position to be in and what will happen every step of the way. We had a huge delay thanks to some ugly weather which lead to 4 hours of sitting about waiting for the clouds to clear.
However before we knew it I was being called up and got into the plane with my instructor. The plane circled higher and higher into the air and I don’t know if it was the long delay, or the fact heights do not scare me but my nerves were no where to be found just excitement!!

Jumping out the plane was an amazing feeling!!! 15,000 feet from the ground and 60 seconds of free fall is really one of the ultimate adrenaline rushes!! My instructor was fantastic and gave me the signal to wave at the camera…. however this is where I went wrong… I tried to smile too much and before I knew it the wind had caught my cheeks and I could not for the life of me get my mouth closed again!!!!
I didn’t think too much of it at first until I saw the footage which I felt was too funny not to share with you all and thanks to Andy and his music… had us fits!!

So lesson to anyone…. when skydiving…. keep your mouth shut!!!!

All in all the best birthday present I have ever had!!!

Enjoy the video… Andy’s work of art!!

Jumping out the plane at 15,000feet

Jumping out the plane at 15,000feet


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