Fukuoka, Japan

During my time in Fukuoka for my E2 Visa Run I had quite a bit of time to kill, as I explained in the previous post your visa run takes around 3 days. One day to get there, one day to hand your passport in ( must be before 11am) and then the next day to pick it up after 1.30pm. The actual time at the embassy takes about 15 minutes so you have quite a decent amount of time to kill!

Just found these pictures from my time there and thought I would share! I went to Fukuoka just after arriving in Korea and was in a MAJOR budget mode so choose to do all the sites that were free/costs nothing!

My favourite place was Ohori Park which I spent a good few hours just chilling out, watching the hundreds of turtles in the lake and playing with my new camera. It is a beautiful park and apparently even more beautiful in Spring when the Cherry Blossoms are out!
To get there take the subway to Ohori Koen station which is a station before the one you get off at to go to the Korean Embassy for your E2 visa run. The first day after I handed in my visa I actually walked here after and spent a few hours, then hopped off here the next day to kill time before picking up my visa!

Near the hotel I was staying at near Fukuoka Station there were many temples such as Tochoji Temple and Shofukuji Zen Temple. Tochoji Temple is actually number 3 on Trip advisor and is completely free to walk in and around!

Fukuoka also has ruins of a castle which you can walk around and check out the ruins of what was once Fukuoka Castle. It’s quite a pretty park… they are ruins so don’t expect to see a full-blown castle but the view from the top are awesome and so peaceful! It is also free to get in!
If you walk down the main path in the castle to the bottom you will come to  a Lily garden which is full of beautiful Lily’s which you can walk around and take it all in.

One of the most famous sites in Fukuoka is the Fukuoka tower which will give you panoramic views of the city! Again it is right beside the embassy and you can walk to it in about 20 minutes from the embassy. Again a good one if you have an hour to kill while waiting for the embassy to open at 1.30pm. Its 800 yen to get in (about $7/£4) I never made it up as I ran out of time and the weather was terrible!

Fukouka Tower

Fukuoka Tower

Right over the road from the embassy there is the hard rock cafe if you want a bite to eat….

Hard Rock Cafe

Hard Rock Cafe

Around the city there are loads of small sculptures you can see so as you walk around keep your eyes open. I found the cross walks hilarious… as they were on EVERY road… and I mean even the ones you could jump from one side to the other!! Made me chuckle!

Weird and wonderful sculptures

Weird and wonderful sculptures

Weird and wonderful sculptures

Weird and wonderful sculptures

Smallest Walk ever!

Smallest Walk ever!

The subway system is great in Fukuoka and you can literally get it anywhere, if you ask you can get an English subway map which has all the sites you might want to see and the stops you need to get off at for them!
Unfortunately my second day was heavy HEAVY rain so my site seeing got cut short slightly!!!

If you have to do the visa run then there is loads to keep you occupied!!


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