Bungee in South Korea!

After our tour of the DMZ we were booked in for a non stop adrenaline ride of bungee jumping and white water rafting all in one day! Bungee jumping has always been one of those things I have wanted to do but never thought I actually would as I terrified at the thought of it! Doing my sky dive didn’t give me the nerves I experienced standing at the top of the jump site, I was dying to jump out the plane but when it came to jumping off a bridge…. it took everything I had to jump!


Hantan bungee jump

Hantan bungee jump

Now bungee jumping after still recovering from a major back injury is maybe not the wisest idea however  there were two choices ankle or feet. After doing some research and asking around we decided that the waist was best as it does not put the same pressure on the back as doing it by the ankle’s did!

Andy and I before the jump

Andy and I before the jump

We had been staying up in a mountain pension and had to get up early in the morning to head to the  Hantan River Gorge for our bungee jump and white water rafting. We did it though W.I.N.K (When in Korea) a Facebook group which sets up trips for people in Korea like our trip to the DMZ the day before and for 35,000₩ (£20/$35) it was a steal!!

We got to the bridge where we would be jumping and my stomach was doing somersaults! I wasn’t this nervous about sky diving!! I think the difference is with the sky diving I had someone with me on my back, it didn’t seem as dangerous somehow!! (Crazy I know!!!) I think it also might have had something to do with our lovely Korean guide decided to show us the video of the girl who did a bridge bungee jump and her rope snapped!!

Shaky knees

Shaky knees

Standing up the top I was picked first to go and I was literally shaking in my boots… I actually mean my legs were clattering of each other like they had never done before! The bungee jump was only 52m however when you are standing there strapped in with a Korean man telling you important things in a language I didn’t understand… you get pretty nervous!!!!

It took me over a minute to jump and a friendly hand on the back from the Korean guide but when I finally did go it was amazing!!!!!!!

Ready, steady, jump!

Ready, steady, jump!

Being lowered onto the boat below after the jump my legs were doing a comical cartoon shake and the adrenaline rush defiantly out weighed almost anything I had ever done. A sky dive is a rush but you have a good 10 minutes floating down on the ground to really feel the same rush as a bungee!!

Ready, steady, jump!

Ready, steady, jump!

Would I do it again?!? Hmmm I am not too sure…. maybe once was enough!! Ha!

After the bungee we went onto ‘white water rapids’ however I think due to the recent heat wave it was more floating down a river than rapids… nothing exciting!



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