The end of the ‘Yee Sib Haa’ year

In Thailand your 25th year is seen as ‘bad luck’ where you have to take extra care of yourself. Before we left Thailand in 2012 our very good Thai friend took us to see the best Psychic in Phrae.

Now I have no problem admitting that I went along for a laugh and did not believe in fortune-telling one bit and I am not a very superstitious person. However after the last year I am starting to think that maybe the psychic was not so far off. As I didn’t really believe it I had forgotten all about this meeting with the psychic until I was about to turn 26.

So what the psychic said (that I can remember)

That once in Australia I would be working in interior design (a point which I openly laughed at by mistake and told her she was wrong) although a few months later I was store manager at Laura Ashley, selling interior decorating things as well as the interior design consultant service!

She also said I had to be careful crossing roads as I was not careful and would end up hurt if I did not start looking. (Thankfully I was not hit by a car!!!!)

Then she told me that my 25th year would be extremely unlucky. That I had to pay close attention to my health which would be very bad the coming year as well as life which would have many set backs…..

So the bad luck things that have happened?

1) Major back injury resulting in 2 epidural injections, a walking stick and ongoing treatment almost 1 year on.

2) The promise of sponsorship from a previous employer which turned into a nightmare. (and is also the reason for number 1)

3) Turning down one of the best job opportunity/ experience as I needed the sponsorship more.

4) Being kicked out of Australia due to number 2.

5) Getting the shingles due to stress the stress

6) Contracting the worst bout of tonsillitis after arriving in Korea which ended up in me on a drip.

7) A wisdom tooth that I was told would never come through, deciding to come through which meant getting bone chipped away and the tooth out.

8) Said wisdom tooth becoming infected before and after being taken out

Despite the set backs, the last year has been incredible so it was by no means a bad year (thanks Andy for the back massages/cups of tea and support!)… However maybe I should have thought twice before going bungee jumping, sky diving and shark swimming when I knew I was having a bad luck run!!!

Never have I ever been so glad to be one year older!!!


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