Diving with Sharks!

One of the things on my bucket list is to swim in a cage in the sea… surrounded by sharks!

Last week I got pretty close as we took a trip to Busan’s aquarium to take part in their shark dive program, where you are hooked up to scuba gear and let loose inside the main aquarium surrounded by fish, grouper fish, stingrays and sharks.


It was not the easiest thing to book as I was turned away first time round due to my asthma, which meant Andy and I did it on separate weekends and also involved a trip to the hospital for x-rays, blood tests, pulmonary function tests and a doctors exam however I was finally declared fit for diving!

Word of warning if you do this… any medical conditions you may have make sure you get a doctor’s note or you will be turned away!

We had an hours lesson in the classroom followed by training in the tank of the aquarium. I thought it would be much harder than it was however once you have got the hang of breathing and clearing your mask it was actually very simple.

We headed into the tank and suddenly we were the most interesting thing in the tank! Everyone was taking pictures and waving to us however we were told to keep waving to a minimum as the sharks are hand fed and an out stretched arm looks like they are being fed…. I didn’t fancy losing my hand!!!

We walked around the entire floor of the main aquarium tank and came VERY close to sand sharks, stingrays and even grouper’s which actually eats the sharks!!

We were told that you might even come face to face with a shark in which case you were not to move and let the shark decide where it wanted to go…. easier said than done when you are faced with a massive shark that is so close to you, you are able to count its teeth!!

We were even able to pick up shark teeth from the aquarium floor! (My school kids LOVED this!!) Between Andy and myself we now have 4 shark teeth… and they are BIG and SHARP!!!

It was an amazing experience and has definitely got my interest peaked in scuba diving!! If you get the chance this is a must, without a doubt it is one of the best experiences I have ever had!

Place Busan Aquarium
Cost 110,000 w non divers, 90,000 w PADI divers ($110/$90)



10 thoughts on “Diving with Sharks!

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    • Thanks!!
      You should definatley give it a go was actually very relaxing believe it or not and the instructor is an American so there is no language barrier… however he is leaving soon so they might stop it soon!! Do it now while you have the chance!!! 😀

        • I totally understand. It was my first ever dive as well and it has really made me want to get certified with PADI. I really didnt think I would like it but was great and the fact you are only 3-5 meters from the surface helped a lot too!!
          If your boyfriend dives and you dont tell him to bring you back a shark tooth… if you find any you can keep them… we found 4 in total!! 😀

  3. Absolutely brilliant Toots. Agree the video is great too. Such a shame your parents are couch potatoes ! I don’t know where you get it from ! Xxx

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