Authentic Okonomiyaki and Yakisoba

Japanese food is amazing. FACT. Forget the food you have tried back home that says it’s Japanese, you have not tasted Japanese food until you have tasted it in Japan. Same goes for Thai food… nowhere will ever be able to cook their food that good unless you are in the country!


Might look funny but it is delicious!!

Might look funny but it is delicious!!

Our last meal in Osaka was one of the best I have had in years, we went for the most Authentic place possible. Down the back street in a place pointed out by our hostel which they claimed was the best Okonomiyaki place in Osaka.

Tiny shop in the middle of a back street alley

Tiny shop in the middle of a back street alley

Walking in you would be forgiven for walking right back out again as it was small and the walls thick with layers of grease and a yellow stain on everything. If this was the UK you can guarantee it would be shut down by health and safety inspectors! However sometimes these are the kind of places where the food is the best! There were old Japanese men who looked at us as we walked in however the owner was super friendly!! We took our spot right at the cooker and ordered one pork Okonomiyaki and one pork yakisoba. Andy knew what all this was thanks to his time in Japan when we was younger but I was oblivious!

Starting of the base

Starting of the base

We watched in awe as the man started to make the Okonomiyaki with ease that only comes from years and years of practice. Okonomiyaki  actually comes from two words ‘okonomi’ meaning ‘what you want’ and ‘yaki’ which means cooked or grilled. It looks like pizza but is all vegetables, with meat on top and so many ingredients that I lost count!! As he was finishing up he started on the yakisoba which is a noodle dish. Within minutes our meal was ready and served to us by simply moving it closer to us on the main cooker!

Adding the topping

Adding the topping

As with almost every meal we have we split it in two and shared so we could each taste both dishes. I couldn’t figure out which one I liked best and we were almost tempted to get another serving!

Lovely  mid cooking

Lovely owner mid cooking

The man was so nice and a fine example of just how friendly the Japanese are. He actually surprised me by asking my views on Scottish independence which is not something you expect to come up from a local in Japan! When I told him that I was against it he agreed and surprised me again by explaining why he thinks it would be a bad move for Scotland. Like I said before it really caught me off guard! We chatted and he seemed happy that he had some foreigners to speak to especially when Andy pointed out the kangaroo balls bottle opener.

One think is for sure… Okonomiyaki is on my list of favourite foods but one I don’t think I will ever be able to find of the same authentic level again! YUM!!

Andy and I about to tuck in!

Andy and I about to tuck in!


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    • I’ll have to do a bit of research to see if I can remember where we were staying as it was near the hostel which was near spa world and Tennoji station! Leave it with me and I’ll try find out! 😀

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