Euro trip stop 1- Rome

Giving ourselves a months holiday between teaching jobs we set out on a Euro trip so Andy could see some of Europe.

Those who live in Europe will know that flying can be very cheap…. If you don’t have luggage so we bought ourselves some new hand luggage cases and set off from Edinburgh-Milan-Rome with bags only 50 x 40 x 22cm…. I.e. not a lot of stuff! It might seem crazy but taking away the hold luggage was going to save so much money between us on what will be 5 flight in 2.5 weeks.


We arrived in Rome on the Wednesday night and went out for dinner with Andy surprised that the pizza’s had so little on them but were still delicious!

We woke up early on the Thursday and set of for a day of site-seeing around the city. Thanks to our hotel they explained that we should buy a ticket for the bus (which you had to buy in a shop before you got on the bus) but not to put it in the machine unless there was a conductor as once punched the ticket only lasts 100 minutes. We never saw the conductor for the whole 3 days which meant no travel costs other than the first 1.50 euro! Result!

We started off at the Colosseum, not so much of a tip than a well-known fact to get there early as by afternoon the queue was crazy! Last time I was in Rome we went here so we decided just to get one audio guide for Andy and share. Despite being here before I was still fascinated walking around and trying to comprehend just how they could build such a building without the fancy machinery they have these days!
Entry fee 12€
Audio guide 5.50€ (you must have ID so make sure you have some!)

Directly outside the Colosseum you can see the giant ‘Arc Di Costantino’ which is currently being restored.

We wandered up and away from the Colosseum past the Arco di Tito, a giant area of ruins until we came to the Monumento a Vittorio Emanuele II and the tomb of the unknown soldier which was just as giant and impressive as I remembered! It was free to get in so we walked in and walked though the army exhibition. You can also go up to the middle roof and get a bird’s eye view of the city or pay 7€ to go right to the top.

We continued walking straight up in search for the Trevi Fountain which I remembered from last time was a nightmare to reach, but to my surprise we found it no problem (must be more signs!) It is funny as Andy got his picture taken last August in Busan (Korea) beside the replica of the fountain which is small in comparison even though the replica was quite big! We spent our time looking around and throwing in our coins while making wishes before we moved on.

We took a left and headed down the side streets until we came across the Pantheon, which was huge! Andy was taking all his references from the Di Vinci Code which apparently references this place. The scale of the buildings really does take your breath away!

We continued on up to the Piazza del Popolo a giant square filled with all sorts of street performers and just relaxed in the sun before walking down to the Spanish Steps.

By this time we were petty beat so decided on making our way home to clean up and head out for dinner. All in all it was a great if not tiring day!

Next stop The Vatican!


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