After another plane ride we landed in sunny Barcelona! I had visited the city just before I left for Thailand so was full of hope about the things I could show Andy!


Getting to the city was very easy and we bought 1 T10 pass… A pass for the public transport that you could use 10 times and we could share for only 10€.

We were staying just off Las Rambles a famous street known for its buskers, shops and restaurants and cafes.

We got set up in a lovely (but hard to find) hostel then went off to find some food along the pier where we encountered the ‘looky-looky’ men or touts. We had seen them the whole trip and they are all over Asia, however I explained to Andy that these guys were terrified of the police and how it’s really funny if you see a police man coming as they grab their stuff and run!

Palace Guell

Palau Güell

Right on queue, while I had a bracelet in my hand a police man came round the corner and they all swept up their merchandise, snatched the one out my hand and bolted.  As the guy I was with was selling jewellery there was a trail of jewellery running down the pier! Gave us a bit of a laugh!

The next day we got up and headed out to see the sights, we had mapped them all out and as it was a really sunny day we decided to get some exercise and walk to all the places we wanted to see.

We walked up Las Rambles past Palau Güell and up to Casa Batlló another one of Gaudi’s buildings. It is on the high street and sticks out between the buildings on each side.  We continued walking up again this time up to Casa Milá which was sadly under construction with scaffolding over the whole exterior which is usually a curvy mosaic building.


Casa Batlló


Never the less we headed on again to Barcelona’s most famous attraction- The Sagrada Familia. It is enormous and hard to miss and is so famous as despite starting construction 300 years ago it is still being built!!! I could actually see the difference in the building compared to when I was last here some 3/4 years ago! We went to find the end of the queue only to find it wrapped around the entire length of the building on 2 sides with a staff member saying it was around a 1 and a half hour wait and a further 4 hour wait if you wanted to go up the towers!!! Crazy!

Luckily the Sagrada Familia has a lot to see outside and we took our time going round the building and checking it out.

Next stop was Park Güell famous for its mosaic art work by Gaudi including the lizard on the stairs and the wavy seats. We sat down in the sun and had a few snacks before setting out for the square where we noticed a line. I asked the staff member why there was a line to get onto the square and she informed me you needed tickets. (something you never needed before!) She then told me the price….8€ each!!!!


I couldn’t believe it as this was my favourite spots last time and they wanted 8€ to go up the stairs and only the square!! The rest of the park was free except for this tiny area. Apparently they have been charging this since October 2013 which I think is ridiculous, fair play charge… But 8€  for a tiny area!?! On your bike!! Not to mention part of the fun last time was sitting on the seats watching all the buskers which filled the square who were nowhere to be seen!

Feeling a bit disgruntled we grabbed some lunch and sat out in the sun before making the long walk back down to Las Rambles. Once back on Las Rambles we walked down only to realize that there were no longer any buskers!!! There were two right down the bottom but majority of them were gone- last time Hannah and I spent ages walking up and down Las Rambles checking out all the different buskers!! I was quite disappointed.

One of the few buskers out

One of the few buskers out

By the time we got home and freshened up it was time for dinner so we headed back out onto Las Rambles for one of the special deals many of the restaurants had going for 3 tapas, a main of paella, pasta or pizza followed by a small desert for 8.95€. We got a deal each which was lovely…. Until the bill came for 35€.. Um how?! Turns out the Diet coke we got each was the same price as dinner at 7.95€….we couldn’t believe it! No wonder we couldn’t find it on the menu! Feeling completely ripped off we headed off for a walk to pick up a few small gifts and trinkets.

The next day was a designated beach day/relax day! After the craziness of the last few weeks we didn’t want to be dead on our feet when we finally made it to my brother, so we walked to the beach and spent the day chilling out reading our books. Was awesome just to sit back and chill.

With that Barcelona was over, it was a short and slightly anti climatic trip compared to the last time! We had a super early bus ride the next day so had an early night!

Next and last stop…. Madrid to be reunited with my brother after a long 3 year separation!!

Night sculptures

Night sculptures


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