Regional Guide Thailand- Phrae

Regional Guide Thailand- Phrae <- click here for the guide!

Phrae, North of Thailand

Phrae, North of Thailand

Andy came across this today, a regional guide I wrote for my home city, Phrae, when I was living in Thailand on which I thought would help other teachers in my position who also were getting cold feet about moving to this amazing place! Hard to believe it has been 3 years!

When I moved abroad for the first time to Thailand I could find nothing about the city I was being placed in other than it was famous for making blue shirts, teak houses and had rice fields! It made for a nervous journey especially as I was the only person on my course being placed int the North. I even tried to change city at one point a few weeks before I left the UK which would have changed how everything has worked out right down to meeting Andy, moving to Korea, Vietnam and Australia!

Some times you just have to go with the flow… if not research, and if you find no research then make some to help others!!

One of my smaller classes in Thailand

One of my smaller classes in Thailand


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