Escape Hunt, Ho Chi Minh

Heading back down to Ho Chi Minh we were a bit at loss of what to do. We had spent almost a week down in the city in our very first week in Vietnam and had crammed so much into our time that we had run out of things to see and do. The reason for our visit was a reunion with our very good friend Lee all the way back from Phrae in Thailand. He was coming to Ho Chi Minh for a boys weekend away and we thought we would use it as an excuse to catch up with an old friend and get out of Hai Phong City for a while.

It really was great seeing Lee, and while reunions are always fun… he was in Vietnam with friends so we didn’t want to cramp his style too much!! However this left us with copious amounts of time to fill. Checking through trip adviser we came across “Escape Hunt”, the premise is simple… escape from the room! However the game is anything but simple!!

Escape Hunt!

Escape Hunt!

Andy and I had a spell whilst in Korea of playing the “Escape the

Detective Jennie

Detective Jennie

room” games on our phones when we were bored and really fancied doing one of the live action games. We first came across them when we were in Barcelona and as much as we wanted to do it the price was just WAAAY out of our budget!! So we were really quite surprised to find that the “Escape Hunt” in Ho Chi Minh was only $22 USD. (approx. 460,000 dong) We went in and the staff were really lovely and explained the rules of the game.

Andy in his detective suit

Andy in his detective suit

We could pick between three rooms….Murder in the palace, Blackmail in the bar or Kidnapping at the opera. Each room had it’s only story and it’s own crime, there were two sections to the room…. 1 find the key to get out and 2. Solve the mystery! We decided to try out Murder in the Palace and were introduced to the “game master” she explained that we would have 60 minutes to solve both parts of the room and that we could ask for help at any time by pressing the intercom in the room… HOWEVER this would result in a fine of one minute per hint.

With that we were sent into the room, it sounds very simple

Andy and I in our detective suits

Andy and I in our detective suits

however to find the key you must check everywhere in the room, get a code that unlocks a chest that gives you a key to another lock in a secret room etc. Andy and I solved the crime and murder in 57 minutes using only one hint! We were quite proud of ourselves especially as it meant we got on the leader board!!

The game went so quickly and we had so much fun that we decided to head back the next day to try one of the other rooms! This time we tried Kidnapping at the Opera and again we finished with time to spare and got on the leader board!

The whole experience was so much fun and I could not recommend it more! The staff made the whole experience exciting and even helped us dress up in props afterwards to get our photo taken for the leader board!

You can find the “Escapre Hunt” at Level 2, Number 60-62 Cach Mang Thang 8 Street, Ward 6, District 3 (above the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf store).

Price per person is $22

Fun in HCMC

Fun in HCMC


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