Macau, China

We decided to head over to Macau whilst we were in Hong Kong as it was only an hour away by ferry. It is famous for its casinos and whilst we are not the gambling type we thought it would be worth seeing especially to go try the Sky Walk X at Macau Tower.

SkyWalk X

SkyWalk X

The day started off a complete disaster and after a 30 minute subway ride we bought our tickets and headed through to catch the ferry… only to realize we had forgotten our passports! If you travel from Hong Kong to Macau you MUST bring your passports and despite knowing this we still forgot! As Andy sat in a café reading his book I made the hectic hour round journey, negotiating the subway and the changes back to the hotel to pick up the passports. I got back to the ferry terminal only to find that we had missed our ferry and had to wait in the standby line for an hour and a half!! It cost us the morning in Macau but all things considered it could have been worse!!

SkyWalk X

SkyWalk X


The great thing about Macau is that you can get to and from the airport for free by taking one of the casinos free shuttle buses! Before we did anything we jumped on the City Of Dreams casino bus which would take us to the Macau Tower where we were booked in for the “Skywalk X” experience. We had found it by chance on a website and decided to do something that would make the trip very memorable.

The Sky Walk X is one of a couple activities available at the Tower through AJ Hackett. They harness you up and let you walk around the OUTSIDE rim of the tower, swing around and lean your whole body right over the edge! It was awesome! You can also do a Sky Jump, (Like a bungee but not as fast with no recall) the tallest bungee in the world or a tower climb where you climb the entire length of the tower right up the antenna! Whilst we would have LOVED to do one of the other activities our Vietnamese salary didn’t really leave us the extra cash.

As Andy and I went around it was a real adrenaline rush as you

SkyWalk X

SkyWalk X

could lean back putting all your weight on the harness to stop you from dropping the 350 meters to the ground! The guide who was there to help us kept trying to get us to pose for pictures kissing however Andy had an idea and was determined to get  a picture ‘kicking’ me off the tower… not quite as romantic as the guy had planned but for Andy and I we found it hilarious!!!! Here are some pictures from the day! At $99 USD it seems slightly expensive but worth every cent!

Ruins of St, Pauls

Ruins of St, Pauls


After the tower we headed to Macau old town, again getting a free ride on one of the casinos buses) which has a massive Portuguese influence which can be seen from the street signs to the buildings and really doesn’t feel like you are in an Asian country!

The place is very beautiful which becomes even prettier as the sun goes down and the lights go on. All the casinos have crazy light displays and change the city so much from the day time!


Whilst we would have loved to have caught a show at one of the casinos thanks to our earlier mistake we ran out of time and before we knew it we were back at the ferry station waiting to head back to Hong Kong. If you were going to do a day trip from Hong Kong then I would definitely go early (remember your PASSPORTS!!) and plan to stay late. The last ferry back to Hong Kong is 3am so there is no rush to get the last ferry back!

You must book the tower activities before you go, you can book them here on the AJ Hackett website

Ruins of St, Pauls


3 thoughts on “Macau, China

  1. This is amazing timing!
    A few weeks ago I went through and added everyone on BlogLovin who was (at one stage as it doens’t update) in Geoje per ExpatBlog.. fast forward to tonight when we are heading off to Macau from Geoje for the weekend in.. 20 hours.. and this post just appeared 🙂 Thanks for all the info! Looks like we better sign up for the Skywalk stat!

    • Wow! What a small world! I miss Geoje!
      Macau is great! I just wish we had more time! Apparently the Dancing On Water show is meant to be great!
      If you fancy a little more adrenaline the bungee looked terrifying!!!
      Hope you enjoy your trip! 🙂

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