Returning to the ‘Land of Smiles’

Finishing up in Vietnam after 10 months was an amazing feeling! The 5th country I have lived and worked in but the hardest to date. We had been planning our escape for quite some time and after some thought decided to make our way home via Thailand, my first ‘home away from home’ and where Andy and I first met almost 4 years previously. I was worried about returning, not because i didn’t enjoy it but because I DID. Thailand held so many special memories and i loved every second it is by far the best country in Asia I have lived in and was worried going back might tar those memories if it didn’t live up to what I remembered.

Tuk Tuk

Tuk Tuk

We arrived in Bangkok and couldn’t believe how clean it felt… a city that we always used to think of as dirty now seemed gleaming and no where as noisy as we remembered. After the pollution in Vietnam which has us both sick not to mention the mental roads with a million motorbikes- Bangkok actually seemed clean, orderly and peaceful!! We were both surprised how quickly our Thai came back and we were soon navigating our way to our overnight stop in Bangkok.

Khao San Road

Khao San Road

We were staying on Khao San Road which is the notorious tourist party/market street only because we had our luggage and everything we owned with us which would be too big ad annoying to carry around Thailand with us. I knew a place where we could store the bags for a long period in a secure location for ‘cheap cheap’ however once there the place was closed!! Doh! However the beauty of Khao San is there are loads of these places…not quite as cheap as my old place but usually will charge you in around thee 10-20bhat a day per bag which is much better than paying the 100bhat a day price at the airport!! some of the hotels will even store your luggage for free if you stay with them first and then stay with them again when you pick up your bag. Although if you plan on doing this just be sure you check it out first as some of them only store the bags in the lobby and not behind lock and key.

The rest of the day was spent wondering the markets and picking up on our Thai bartering skills, having our first (of many) Thai massage and eating food that tasted as good as it looked. Within a few hours our guards started to drop as we remembered how nice the Thai people were and unlike Vietnam not everyone was out to try and scam you. By the end of the day my worries about returning to Thailand had faded as it proved time and time again why I loved this country so much.

It was a flying visit to Bangkok as we would be returning at the end of the trip for a few days, our next stop was to head down to the South for some rest and recuperation before returning to the North and our first ‘home’.




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