I originally started this blog to keep my family up to date on moving to a new country to teach however whilst teaching abroad I have had the opportunity to travel to places I never though possible and experience things that you only ever read about!

I started of as a manager in a retail store and desperate for a bigger adventure which led me to Experience Teaching Abroad (ETA) a TEFL company where I could study to be a teacher AND get a job at the end of it. Not only would I get to kick start a new adventure, I would get paid for it as well as have the opportunity to travel!

I traveled all over Thailand, from the most northern part right down to the islands in the South, all while living in the North in a city called Phrae. Here I met Andy which led to even more adventures to Cambodia and finally back to Australia with him.

We stayed in Australia for a year where I went back to management before setting off (without a choice thanks to Visa’s!) to continue the teaching journey to South Korea!

The things we have seen and done has been crazy such as diving with sharks, bungee jumping, trips to Japan, the DMZ and skiing however after one year we have decided on heading on for one last adventure before returning to Australia. As for where? We are not sure yet we just have a plan of April 1st 2014 so far!

My blog so far has been an amazing way to share my teaching and travel experiences as well as keep all my family up to date with my latest adventures!

You only get one shot at life… so make sure you live it!

Playing with a baby you do!

Playing with a baby tiger…as you do!


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